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Happy Birthday Aliceinkinkland!

The other day I mentioned aliceinkinkland's "Show You the World" (Buffy and Dawn road trip fic) and you could certainly start there or anywhere among her fics on AO3 and find something sweet, or sad, or funny - maybe a combination of all three at once. And plenty of sexy stories - I love how she actually examines what desire looks like, and feels like, for women, how consent issues could be handled differently in our culture. In fact, Seeing a Different Shade of Red is one of the jewels in her crown because it's a meta-ish fic taht does just that. But so does Somewhere Sharp and Hot and Shimmering, where Tara helps Buffy become comfortable with her own desires.

Also I'm going to say happy birthday to velvetwhip two days early because - my pattern is to say it two days late, if at all, and this is one birthday I don't want to let pass. 
aliceinkinkland is super talented and I hope her birthday is as great as her stories!

Also, thank you so much for the kind words and birthday wishes! *hugs you*

She's immensely talented but also a quiet, unassuming force, when I really think about it - a lot to say but not making a lot of noise or fuss about it. She deserves to have folks toot their horns on her behalf!

As do you, my friend.

*Hugs you back*
Wow, actually so overwhelmed. Thank you so much. This is amazing. I am blushing. I am speechless. This made my whole week.