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Just a quickie for no reason than self-pimpage and an excuse to ask a question....

I'm really pleased with how these two participation banners for hermionesparkle and xoheartinohioxo in Round 76 of character20n20 turned out:

character20n20round76participationbannerjanuary2016byRSD_hermionesparkle_400x295.png   character20n20round76participationbannerjanuary2016byRSD_xoheartinohioxo_400x295.png
Banners by me, shown full size. Icons by their respective makers.

Thank you setentpet for the assignment!  These came together surprisingly quickly today but I wasn't sure of the design until I overlaid the music sheet graphic over the Victorian card from The Graphics Fairy. I generally am dissatisfied with how text looks in my designs but I'm pleased with this  - I think the text here looks like it could be original to the card.

If you haven't checked out the winners, btw, you really must because they are stunning.

These were the only two people to ask for banners, which happened last round as well - check out sandy79's glowing, luminous banners for Round 75and how beautifully they compliment the light effects in the icons themselves. I'm always suprised more folks at the comm don't ask for banners but my love of pretty banners is well-documented.  (If I could frame the ones I've received and hang them on the wall I would, trust.)

And I gotta wonder - why don't more people ask for banners? I'm genuinely curious and clueless on this count, so what say you Gentle Reader?
Thank you! - and thanks for letting me post them on a new post (as sandy79 did last round - I wouldn't have seen her beautiful banners otherwise - and yes, i do like to show my banners off. I've gotten a lot faster at making them but I can put as much time and care if not more into a banner than any icon.
Your banners are really lovely. I don't know why more people don't ask for them.
I don't know why more people wouldn't want banners, period. WHY NOT? All it costs is a little time for the maker and a wee bit of filespace for the receiver.

And thank you for the lovely compliment!
beautiful banners, and thank you for mentioning me! *hugs*

I can't talk for others, but I'm always asking for banners (unless it's mentioned that they will be made automatically); it's (a) proof that you made something right with your icon(s), and (b) we are entitled to some bragging and showing off XD
Thank you so much! I just love the background of the ones you made - did you find that design as is or put separate layers together? I've really gotten fascinated by light effects lately.

it's (a) proof that you made something right with your icon(s), and (b) we are entitled to some bragging and showing off

Exactly! We put a lot of work into our art and love doing so, for no reward except a few kudos, maybe seeing our icons snagged and appreciated by others, and then that tangible thing, the banner. Why shouldn't we have something to show for our efforts?

unless it's mentioned that they will be made automatically

They're made automatically at the icontests I started with so I knew nothing about the "asking for banners" thing until bangel_4e started btvsats20in20. Then one round I got tired of waiting for folks to ask and said "the heck with it, I'll make banners for everyone" and that's what I do whenever it's my turn to make banners. I figure, if they don't want it they don't have to take it, and i've not risked overlooking someone accidentally.