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More Awardage Joy and Love

I've been nominated for Round 4 in the  Absence of Light Awards  in the categories Best Drabble,    "Untitled (post -The Gift)"  and "Best Author".  Seriously?  I have no idea who nominated me but THANK YOU!  I'm sure I've said it before but the warm reception I've gotten entering this fandom has been amazing to me; and that folks like that story enough to nominate it warms my heart.  Some of the fandom's best writers and super-cool people (in my limited and not-very-humble opinion) have been nominated but all of the categories except Best Author and Best Overall Angst are still wide open; ten nominees allowed per category, and the nomination period ends January 31st.


If you haven't checked AoL yet, then stop by and fill those remaining slots with your favorite Buffyverse fics on the darker side from 2012. 
- (Anonymous)
Almost every other post on my f-list is another friend being nominated and I'M LOVING IT! Congratulations!
Thank you! There are some really amazing authors on there already - velvetwhip, snowpuppies, beer_good_foamy, etc - but also a lot of names that are new to me. I wasn't aware of awards that are dedicated just to the darker stuff, but I love it, as I'll read my share of fluff but probably never write it. Angst is where I live.

My pleasure, m'dear! I would love to see those slots get filled up; the idea of having fic awards devoted just to "dark" fics is rather satisfying.
Woohoo, congrats! I've never even heard of this award site before. Dark you say? *Tiptoes on over*
Merci and congratulations to you too! "Abridgment" is such a powerful story, and unique from anything I've seen.