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Oh, Tara:My last award for Slayerstillness of 2015

And for my very last fandom award and icon challenge of 2015 it's only fitting that the marvelous tempertemper made the banner:

Banner by tempertemper for slayerstillness on LJ Dec 2015 - my last award of 2015

My Entries & Alts:
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My original intent was to only use caps amoung the examples Starry provided; it didn't quite end up that way. Nor did I recall planning on making them so consistent color-wise.  I did want to use unsual or rarely used caps as much as possible and I think I succeeded, especially with the two images from Where the Wild Things Are. The girlish pigtails bely the fact that she is someone who possesses a great deal of power and knowledge passed on by her mother and the women of her family. Tara's own power and knowledge are terribly underplayed after S4 and this is something I will never be happy about. Because it ends up being a double-whammy of the show's "issues with powerful women".

   6 - 12
If I could resubmit these, I'd switch out #6 for #5; the rest I'm satisfied with.

You know the drill:
~ Take what  icons you like for personal use but please credit if used :)
~ No hotlinking!
~ Comments however are appreciated :)
~ All artwork by yours truly except where otherwise indicated.

Such excellent work! No wonder you win so many awards!!!!! I'm a fan!

I'm thrilled that you hold my work in such high regard Gabrielle!

Thank you for all your help and support this year; I hope I continue to make you proud in 2016.

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Oooh, lovely! Tara's hair is so gorgeous in so many of your icons. The effects are just wonderful! My faves this round are #2, #5, and #9. Congrats on your win!
Thank you dear! I really like #2 a lot (my favorite is prob #1) for the very reason you say. It's weirdly easy to forget that AB was astonishingly pretty as Tara esp in S4 and S5 (before Tough Love). I like to remind folks of that, as well as remind them how powerful she was in her own right. I'm glad you think I succeeded!
They're all beautiful icons, but I really adore the winning one. (Hmm, maybe I'll snag it, if that's OK with you -- I realise that I don't have a Tara icon yet!)
Don't have a Tara icon? Heaven forfend! By all means snag it, I would be delighted! Thank you for the compliment!

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Well that's what they're here for, to be used and appreciated! (It does make my ego very happy, you know the feeling.) I'm always gratified when my icons strike a chord with other people and it's not just, you know, me amuing myself. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

That icon might end up being one of my favorites for the year.
First, these are excellent icons. Congratulations on your win.

Second, I never really noticed how they short-changed Tara's powers after Season 4. Now that you mention it, I agree that it's quite irritating and really does a disservice to Tara. Bad writers. *smacks them*
I got an extra shovel if you want it?

Thank you for the compliments sweetie!

And yeah, it's a subject I don't see commented on but it was weird for me as a newer fan to see Tara initiate Willow into "deeper magicks" throughout season 4 right from Hush, perform a spell with Willow and Giles in WTWTA, be the only person who knows Faith isn't Buffy in WAY (however wonky that is), and be portrayed as someone with genuine knowledge and power that she is just beginning to claim herself in S4, and then in S5 she's downgraded to junior partner in terms of the magics. I get where they were going - they wanted to show Willow surpassing her, but I don't think it was necessary to downgrade Tara in order to achieve that.

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The mod choice one is beautiful but my absolute fave is #10...the coloring is lovely and really enhances the image of Tara here. Plus, the words stand out well. Gorgeous.
the coloring is lovely and really enhances the image of Tara here. Plus, the words stand out well. Gorgeous.

Thank you for the feedback hon! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply and acknowledge your comments.

What you said about the words in that icon makes me very happy because I do have a thing about "legibility" in icons that's gotten stronger on one level (because I've recently started wearing bifocals), at the same time I'm willing to use text more often as a merely decorative element. But here I definitely wanted folks to be able to see that fragment of Sappho's poem (a translation of the text on Tara's back.)

Which could inspire a whole speech about how Sappho's poems were lost from us for so long and in fact we only possess a tiny fragment of her reputed total output but I'll spare you that speech.