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A very merry whatever you celebrate or don't to all my friends

So, I'm not feeling "Christmassy" this year, at all. But I do wish everyone a peaceful day and a peaceful season. Whatever you celebrate. (I was raised Catholic, I've been pagan, now I'm atheist, and I have friends all across the spectrum.)

dragonyphoenix asked me a while back to do some graphics for part 3 of her buffyverse/potterverse crossover fic "The Letters" (Severus Snape/Anya, Cordelia). It was the first time I've been commissioned to make fanart without having read the story first.  Dragony told me exactly what text she wanted to see on the graphics, including the brilliantly funny RSVP from Cordy.

sparrow2000 posted an amazing end-of-the-year fic rec list; some I've enjoyed, a good many others I've missed and must make amends for that. Because all the stories sound wonderful (and she hasn't steered me wrong yet.) She was also kind enough to name-check me and my artwork on the list! Thank you very much, I'm honored!

I will end up doing a recap of the year here in fandom in the near future but I want to say "THANK YOU" to the folks who have been so incredibly supportive of me in my growth and struggles this year. Special thanks and love to velvetwhip for her guidance, friendship and for being in my corner.

I have to admit I'm glad 2015 is almost over.

And finally - I've read issue 22 of the season 10 comics and I have one thing to say, one really essential thing that NO ONE is talking about - WILLOW DOES NOT HAVE BLUE EYES, PEOPLE!

*Actually, Buffy's eyes also look suspiciously sort-kinda blue on page 23, which is weird because they were green in the rest of the story. But the color is just muddy enough that I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. But Willow's eyes are absolutely blue - clear, beautiful, unmistakeable blue. The first issue that actually features Willow in any significant way this season and they can't get that one basic thing right. *le sigh*

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for being in my corner.

There's no corner in which I'd rather be. It's cozy and I especially like the velvet chair in which I can sit and eat quaint little tea sandwiches off bone china or do the occasional bit of needlepoint.

Happy < insert name of holiday here >


Merry [insert appropriate word here]... my dear:)

And thank you for the shout out on my rec list. I hope you find loads there to enjoy. *g*
No need to feel Christmassy, as long as you feel good! And I hope you do!
On to a better 2016, I say.

And many thanks for your great contribution in making feel at home on LJ this past year.
Happy solar solstice or whatever! It used to love Christmas when I was a kid and it's strange how it became kinda painful. This year I decided to nevermind the expectations and enjoy the good things I have, my family most of all. I hope you're treating yourself well and doing the things you need to do to go through this year ending week in the best possible way. Best wishes to you too!

I need to catch up with the comics. I'm not so interested lately, also because Harry Potter is giving me so much joy (And the comics don't. Sorry!) But it's not the first time they get a character's eyes wrong.