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To celebrate her 10th anniversary as an icon artist, neatmonster offered to make icons for a certain number of folks, and I was lucky enough to be the last person to make the deadline for requests.  I asked for Buffy and/or Katniss (two of my favorite fictional ladies).  I loved Catching Fire (the movie) and felt that Katniss was Buffy's spiritual heir.*

All icons below by neatmonster / destruction_box ;  #1 - 4 not snaggable.
    1 - 4
All the icons have now been posted at her graphics comm destruction_box. Check out all 156 gems. Icons # 1- 4 are the ones she made especially for me and I LOVE them.  I wasn't very specific about what I wanted; apparently I mentioned a maternal vibe (see the "spiritual heir" comment above)? She went with that, but in such a way that 1 & 2 are very open to interpretation. The vibe I get could be read as parallels, as mirrors; as sisters, even in a romantic sense, if one wanted to.  I love the light, the glow and the softness of all 4 of these.  The way Fassy balances softness with sharpness to avoid a hard, aritificial, hyperrrealistic quality is stunning. I love the warm/cool color balance in #2. And with 3 & 4, I'm an absolute sucker for work that can make monochrome palettes glow. And you know my love of sepia tones and effects.

#1 - 4 are not snaggable; but 5 - 7 are; I couldn't resist snagging these alts as well:

  5 - 7

* Close, loving and fiercely loyal relationship with a younger sister who is really smart and cool in her own right? Check. Willing to die for said sister? Check. Skilled fighter? Check? Emotionally traumatized reluctant warrior who "soldiers on" regardless because she is needed? Check. Frequent thoughts of running away from her duty? Check. Uncomfortable relationship with a "sister warrior" who is far more comfortable with her own sexuality, the dark to the protagonist's light? Check. In the middle of a romantic triangle/quadrangle? Check. Turning against the patriarchial institution that tries to control her? Check. Am I forgetting anything?

P.S.: I haven't read the books, but I'm not bothered by spoilers.

P.S.S: For the record I'm actually a Katniss/Finnick shipper. I mean, their tension was off the charts in Catching Fire (the movie) and reminded me of a certain Slayer her bleached blond vampire lover.  Ok, I know Finnick marries Annie - but there's still something of Spike in his devotion to the women in his life, particularly his "mother/mentor", as well as his bad boy persona that's just a cover for a heart of gold.

Whereas Peeta is kind of Riley - the decent guy who is the "college" romance, as opposed to the childhood sweetheart (Angel/Gale.) Ok, it's not perfect match but close enough. It's inspiration, not a carbon copy.
Lovely gifts! :o) Glad you got some pretty ones! What a nice holiday present! :o)

And ha! I totally read the books as they came out...a year between each. And I definitely shipped Peeta and Katniss the whole way. Book Peeta is different than movie Peeta. And I felt like how they fell in love was more gradual and natural and based on changes in their lives and experiences...kind of like but also very different than Spike and Buffy. Plus, being a psychologist and seeing the trauma that Peeta and Katniss go through and how they help each other through the aftermath...made me ship them more. It was interesting to see how people who read the books as they came out hoped for/debated/shipped Gale or Peeta...

I know I won't convince you but had to state my case. ;o)
What a nice holiday present!

Aren't they divine?

I actually do ship Katniss with Peeta over Gale even without reading the books because the fact that they have bonded in "war", in a great trauma that only another victor could understand, (more shades of Buffy and Spike) makes a lot of sense to me even if it's greatly compressed in the books.

Peeta's "insanity" via brainwashing has a very S7 vibe, no?

I think the actors don't really have sexual chemistry onscreen, however - Hutchins and Lawrence are a bit too much brother / sister. (Now Lawrence and Claflin in just one or two scenes in Catching Fire? HOLY SMOKES PEOPLE SOMEBODY GET ME A FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Or the smelling salts.)
I hear you on the chemistry onscreen! In the movies, they rush the romantic moments too much for my tastes... You'd probably enjoy the books! My mom even loved them when I bought them for her...
A double-recommendation. cool! If Mom likes them they must be good :D I'll move them up on my reading list. I don't do enough reading for fun (outside of fanfic)
WOW, much prettyness! I especially like 1, 2 and 3. Pretty colors!
Aren't they lovely? She's done brighter palettes in other icons but the subdued look is right up my alley.
Isn't it though? I'm well and truly pleased with them. I may have to knock out some other user pics to have more in my gallery at once.
I did indeed! It was totally by chance that I saw her post offering presents and I couldn't resist asking.

I'm so used to making my own icons now that it's a treat to have some made specifically for me. And Fassy is an incredible talent.
I'm really glad you like them, and thanks for the awesome promotion :)

I have read all the books, in 2013 I believe, after the first movie was released. I was, and I'm still am, a Katniss/Gale shipper. I like going against the world. I really liked Peeta as a character, but their romance seemed really forced to me, like this is your love interest and that's how it should be, and there is no other option. I saw more chemistry with Finnick in Catching Fire than the whole thing with Peeta. I've never thought about all the parallels with Buffy until you said so, I must be getting old. Little sister, check, raised only by mother, check, handsome childhood sweetheart, check, second love/college sweetheart, check, sexy blonde guy, check. As for the scoobies: Haymitch=Giles, Effie=Anya, Cinna=Xander?... lol I'm giving this too much thought.
Thank you hon! i'm really excited by these - and I don't receive custom made icons very often so this was a treat!

And I admit that having your icons in my gallery I'm looking at them more and more as examples to aspire to - ok, how can I get that softness, that look? I guess this will inspire me to learn photoshop!

raised only by mother,

Great catch, I knew there was something I was forgetting! (Not to mention that both mothers seem kind of incompetent and pointless and are barely in the story at all - I don't know if Katniss' mom gets more page time than she does screen time but if they cut her out of the movies nothing would be changed.)

Haymitch=Giles, Effie=Anya, Cinna=Xander?

I think people don't give this enough thought. Seriously, how are there not tons of buffy/katniss comparison memes floating around the internet?

Once we get into the scoobies it's a little more diffuse. Like, there's bits of Giles in Haymitch, Plutarch and Beetee; Willow is - sort of like Beetee and Wireless? Not really a Willow character in the story per se is there?

Effie = Anya = GOOD CALL

Cinna = Xander - I hadn't thought of that one either but you're probably right. I was thinking Tara, but maybe Rue = Tara is a better comparison?
KATNISS IS FOREVER FAVE. For all the above reasons. We are consistent, aren't we...

And I'm an equal opportunity Katniss shipper, which is surprisingly hard in this fandom... For the record, I thought the books were more compelling on the triangle front, although the movie got the emotional gist of the relationships well enough (especially the Katniss/Peeta war-torn codependence from Catching Fire onwards).

We do not talk about Finnick.
We love our badass damaged girl heroes, straight up.

which is surprisingly hard in this fandom

Harder than shipping Bangel and Spuffy at the same time, for comparison's sake?

Someday I will fail to be surprised by ship wars.

We do not talk about Finnick.

And why do we not? *iz curious*

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Harder than shipping Bangel and Spuffy at the same time, for comparison's sake?

lol, maybe not quite that catastrophic.

And why do we not? *iz curious*

You are aware of the events of Mockingjay, y/n... ?
the movies, part 1, yes - I know he's going to marry Annie in part 2. I haven't read the books.

I was actually kind of disappointed that the sexy persona was totally gone, the sass, etc. I guess I shouldn't be (it's like character growth? He kind of becomes a wet mop but hey, his girlfriend is kidnapped. He sorta becomes Spike after getting the soul I guess.)

But then Katniss spends most of Mockingjay pt 1 sitting around and brooding and worrying about Peeta while other people go off and do interesting things. I don't want my hero to sit around in a bunker I want her to do shit.

Basically I loved Catching Fire, Mockingjay so far is "meh" to me.
I'll say nothing then.

He kind of becomes a wet mop but hey, his girlfriend is kidnapped.

LOL! Indeed. I'll give him a pass on this one. ;)

And never fear, Katniss DOES SHIT in Mockingjay part 2!! Hope it pleases.
I'll give him a pass on this one.Katniss DOES SHIT in Mockingjay part 2

Cool. I haven't decided if I should see it at the theaters because I'm gainfully underemployed (broke) right now. OT, I'm still kicking myself that I didn't see Fury Road when it was out. I am clueless.