Buffy Casablanca Poster poppy wreath  RS

Because I am utterly incorrigible.....

shapinglight mentioned that #7 & 8 of the artwork I made for her fic "Third Wheel" looked Christmas card-like (thanks to vintage card graphics from The Graphics Fairy) and, well, this happened:


Yes I considered adding a blood spatter or two but decided to "stay classy" this time.  You're welcome.

And that's all the Christmas-y fluff you're going to get out of me this year, Gentle Reader.
"Dear Santa, I want to kill my family, my village, half of Europe..."

That's not too much to ask, is it?

Ah, for the good old days - simpler times. :P
- (Anonymous)
Very nice! I like the contrast of the dark, powerful scene of Angel's turning with the santa hat and the cheery Christmas type border. Well done!!