THank you, sweetie! I had included a thank you message when I was writing this post - and I just tried again to add one - and LJ keeps screwing up the formatting so everything appears with all the html markers, duplicates stuff, etc. I'm really ticked off about that.

Unlike the SunnyD Awards, this time I have my suspicions as to who might have nominated me; but I'll keep them to myself in case I'm wrong.
Thanks! I really had no idea that there was a place where metas could be nominated - all the fan awards I've come across so far have been for fiction. which makes sense because fiction dominates fanwork, but as you probably know it was meta that pulled me into buffy fandom here on LJ first.


As of yesterday I was the only one in the catagory so I nominated someone else's meta (I tried to add a couple more today but either my 'puter or LJ is SOO DAMN SLOW today I can't get anything done. grrr arrrggghh)