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Happy 10th anniversary Seasonal Spuffy!

I finally posted my first proper post at the comm - artwork inspired by shapinglight's wonderful short story "Casablanca". Check out my cover art and icons here. I would have had it finished on the 11th as I should have done but for my internet connection going kaput for several hours.  Better late than never?


Also, I want to mention that killing_kurare made the Buffy/OMWF icon that I snagged for my default icon because it gives me so many feels (do we still say that around here or is that passe?).  Isn't it an insanely gorgeous, evocative little masterpiece?

I am absolutely blown away! I left a longer comment there!

Thank you dear, I just saw that! I am so pleased! (I don't know why I didn't show you the work in progress, I think I was so intensely focused on it maybe? Or perhaps it was the fact that this time it wasn't a competition so I didn't have to worry so much about which was "best".)

Oh thank you muchly!

I finally replied to your comment on seasonal spuffy btw but thank you so much for your wonderful detailed thoughts!
That was definitely a good 'proper' first entry, very impressive. (So much work must have gone into this!)

And your new default icon really is gorgeous.
Thank you ma'am! (And gosh yes I lot of work went into it - are we counting the two solid days it took to make the artwork, or the hours I spent fuming when the internet quit when I was almost finished with the post? *lol*)

And killing_kurare's icon is gorgeous but her whole OMWF set was great; I snagged at least 3 or 4 from it.

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Love all of them, and special kudos for the ones with Joyce!