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Congratulations to the winners of Whedon Elite and btvsats20in20!

Congratulations sweet_lyri, entwashian, and harlequinss_s on your wins in whedon_elite Challenge 129! Snag your banners here .

Final_1stplacecatsetbanner_SRQ.png FinalBMCv2_gabby227.png
Congratulations spikesredqueen, starry_night, sweet_lyri, crazycordy and tempertemper on your wins at Round 13 of btvsats20in20!  Banners here in the comments thread including my BMC to gabby227's oh-so-elegant Cordy icon. BMC was a really tough choice this time around because there were so many I would have loved to honor: starry_night's Wesley Icon, which I've already snagged, her Darla and her AC4 icons; sweet_lyri's clever Crossover icon, tempertemper's Cat 3 Amends icon, crazycordy's Sepia+Profile icon (that theme was one of my favorites overall). So many beautiful things this round.

And if I didn't single out spikesredqueen just now, it's because I'm well pleased that her icons were richly rewarded; her Category and AC sets in particular just rocked.

All banners by yours truly, icons by their respective artists. The background of the WE banner is based on a photograph I took in Old Lyme, CT a couple of weeks ago; I wanted the bright colors to contrast against the dark icons.  The background of the 20in20 banners is a photograph by Susan Murphy from her art studio blog that I adjusted, adding addtional grunge textures to it for a warmer overall look. I love framing effects but I also love the back sides of frames and pictures; I like to see how things are made. I wanted to subvert the normal expectation of a pretty frame by showing off the beauty of the flawed backside. The font is meant to appear to have been printed on the paper except for the artists' names; I imagined a space there that someone filled with a big fat marker or paint brush.
Gorgeous banners!!!!! You make winning even better with your lovely creations!

*blushes* Thank you sweetheart! (I hope one day to make an awards banner for you - which reminds me that I do have to get moving on some fic poster ideas *ahem*)

I know that I just LOVE receiving pretty banners from other artists that have a lot of thought and care put into them, so I try to do the same with mine.
I still am really surprised that you chose my icon for banner maker's choice. I'm still relearning what I used to know in Photoshop after about a year and a half hiatus, and I've forgotten a lot of stuff, so I'm not expecting to win anything for a while. So thanks again!
I'm such a nerd but I'm so excited that it's your Seasonal Spuffy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!