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New icon challenge community! All are welcome. episodes20in20

Thank you crazycordy for starting this new comm! 31 people have signed up for this round (WOW); check out the entries submitted by gabby227, crazycordy and killing_kurare.

BTW, the deadline for entries is November 15th and the sign-up period is open all the way until then; you can still jump in and join the fun.

And be sure to add your answer to the banner poll and if you're interested, volunteer as a banner maker. I've volunteered and I'd love to see more people making awards banners. I love making them - they're fun but also challenging and I've learned a lot about digitial editing, layers, design, etc by making them. Practice, practice, practice. It gives me an opportunity to study the icons - and I often come to appreciate them more than I did during the voting process - and then there's the pleasure that comes when the recipients like their banners. Honestly, who doesn't like presents?