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A little bird told me...that I won two honors at the Wicked Awards!

But first things first: congratulations to boiiko for winning the banner competition for Round 19 of seasonal_spuffy - and deservedly so!  Her design is absolutely unique and although there were many lovely banners that round, this one deserved to be the winner. Very different to any previous winners and the perfect fit for the 10th anniversary round. Since I love it when artists talk about their process, I have to recommend her "making of" post.

Banner by Angelus2hot Nov 1 2015   Banner by Angelus2hot Nov 1 2015

Awards banners by angelus2hot

THANK YOU to the judges of the wicked_awards, spankedbyspike and angelus2hot; winning a Wicked Award was something I wished for but didn't really expect to ever actually happen, so it was a total surprise when I got the news! Thank you for the beautiful awards banners and THANK YOU to the folks who nominated my icons, banners and wallpaper. I honestly do not know who nominated my work in three catagories and wish I could thank them properly. (Please feel free to out yourself/selves!)

Speaking of little birds, velvetwhip (Gabrielle)'s Answering Prayers won Best Series (as well it should) and I could not be more pleased! (Her fic Easy also won Best Dark.)That my poster for it earned Runner-up Honors is just the icing on the cake, and is as much her award as mine, IMO, because her story was the inspiration. (That my poster earned Runner Up, and my icon first place, when I consider the competition, is truly special and extraordinary.)

I'm really tickled about that icon; I made it for slayerstillness Challenge 47, "IWRY" a challenge I very nearly didn't enter because I'm not much of a Bangel shipper (or Angel fan), didn't submit my set until literally the last minute; but it's proved to be one of my winningest artworks. The Little Icon That Could.  :D

Congratulations to all the winners but most especially my friends (in the art categories): comlodge, chasingdemons, katekat1010 (her Giles banner is simply superb); snowpuppies; spikesredqueen; halliwell; debris4spike; sweet_lyri; sueworld2003; (in the video categories) double_dutchess; thedothatgirl; (in the fiction categories): punch_kicker15, s[the_moonmoth, baphrosia, hello_spikey, aadler, beer_good_foamy, lion-hearted girl, snogged, shapinglight, dragonydreams,

Check out the entire winners' list here.
I was wondering when you were going to make a post announcing your multiple wins. ;) Congratulations! Well-deserved!
I am so proud of you! Those awards are incredibly well-deserved!

Thank you sweetheart! And I meant what I said - the award to the AP banner is just as much yours as mine. No story, no banner, no award. Period. (not to mention all the beta-ing and feedback and general support you offer me in general and for that project specifically.)
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CONGRATS! That Buffy icon is sooooo pretty and the Joyce/Angel is beautiful! MOAR!
Woo you! Totally deserved!

Lots of great wins to check out. 'Tis a busy time right now in fandom.
Thank you! Congratulations for the honor to Proud Trophies! I know that's one of your favorite things you've written and with good reason.

Ridiculously busy, isn't it? - it doesn't rain but it pours, I can't keep up with it all! New icon communities every time I turn around, seasonal spuffy, IWRY Marathon, fagends, plus new tumblr sites with actua meta and interesting conversations...whoever said "buffy fandom is dead" - well, the reports of it's death have been greatly exagerrated.

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*Curtsies* Thank you sweetheart - and many congrats on your wins at Wicked and your wins at 20in20, which you TOTALLY deserved. (I would have put your AC set first place myself but that's just me *ahem*).
Thanks, and congratulations on your own awards. You know I adore that Buffy icon, and the Answering Prayers story banner is outstanding too!
Thank you!

You know I adore that Buffy icon,

I'd forgotten actually. So I'll never say, no don't tell me again how much you love it *lol* I actually prefer the variant I have in my user pics *points to icon* but the entry version is definitely more "meta" - and probably one of my most successful blended icons.

And I'm really pleased for the recognition for the AP banner and for Gabrielle's marvelous story - I hope more people get to read it now.