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Did I mention today is the deadline to.....?

aka I have been falling down on the job again - BADLY.

Time to get my groove back in gear. (Or something like that.)

btvsats20in20 Round 13: Today, Nov 1 is the LAST DAY* to vote for Artists Choice sets and icons, Category (White Decoration) sets and icons, and Themes icons. Don't forget to press ALL of the little vote buttons.

Today (around 3pm) is also the last day to submit your icons to whedon_elite Challenge 129 "Dark Villains".

*Excluding the inevitable tiebreaker votes.
Thanks for the reminder! (Though like a very good girl, I have already voted.)

You are a VERY good girl indeed! :D

Congratulations again on the Wicked Awards, I'm simply thrilled for you!
I'm thrilled and still a little astonished (I know I have to stop saying that.)

And still very very happy about your wins. I confess I don't think I've read Easy yet, and will amend that, but Answering Prayers - oh yes yes yes, they recognized the excellence. As well they should.

BTW, if you put the award button for the story at the story post, I give you permission to also post my awards button on your journal along with my original artwork. Because that award wouldn't have happened without your story inspiring me, ergo that award belongs to you too IMHO.
Ack! I need to make something...been having my head buried in writing fic...and reading it. *hangs head in shame*
Yeah, I've been reading a lot of fic lately again too - aka "procrastination". Need to get a moving on my Seasonal Spuffy project!
I've already voted.

The "Dark Villains" round sounds like it will be fun to watch. I look forward to seeing those entries.
I just voted on Dark Villains! I wish I had pulled something out for that one but, eh, can't do everything.
Voted! Having not done so in a while, I feel so very good to have caught this round just in time. :) Thanks for the reminder! I haven't been around LJ much lately. Sorry about that!
Hey, no apologies sweetheart! There is so much going on right now, there's simply no way to catch everything. (I'm still kicking myself that I missed posting in classic buffyverse top 5 AGAIN. But I rarely miss the January session. I have no idea why it always works that way.)

How is your seasonal spuffy project coming along?

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I managed to miss the buffyverse top 5, too. I guess I'll mark my calendar for January!

> How is your seasonal spuffy project coming along?

I know what I'm writing: it's the second half (and the conclusion) of a story I started last round of seasonal spuffy, probably somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 words. It should be manageable if not for all the RL stuff that's derailing me. In short, I haven't really started. I have a little over two weeks, so fingers crossed I'll get some quality time between now and then. Thanks for asking! Are you participating as well?
Yep, I've signed up for the 11th so this will be my first time participating on an assigned day. (as in, what was I thinking?) I want to do a poster for a fic from the last round (not saying which to preserve the surprise) but haven't done much beyond gather some possible material for it.

If I screw up and don't complete it in time, I can always post the alts to my round 19 banner as well as some icons I made.