In living color: Whedon Elite Challenge 128 banners

[MORE BANNER and my entries inside the Gallery]

Click images below for full size or check out all the banners here. All banners by yours truly, 2015; icons by their respective artists.

we128_1stplacebanner_fassyFINAL.png we128_2ndplacetie_bannersweetlyriFINAL.png

The background image is from a photo I took this past weekend, when the clouds came down to meet the earth.

            sandy_s_we128_20237_900.gif Banner Maker's Choice: Beneath You animated icon by sandy_s As it turns out, ipiccy does not
                                                preserve the animation when I insert the icon as a layer, so the banner loses the full effect, alas. *pouts*

Most times, BMC is a tough choice for me but not this round.  THIS is a motion picture in miniature, the meat of the entire episode, of Buffy and Spike in S7, summed up in just a few images. It's evocative, emotional, tells a story, and is also beautifully made with rich deep blacks and a range of velvety grey tones.

Above all else it reminds me what fascinated and troubled me about those two characters, why I loved them when it was me myself and experiencing their arc three years ago; before I became aware of fandom and controversies and the did-she's/didn't she's.  In other words, it's about love.  (And bonus points from this Buffy-fan, it doesn't exclude her in order to prioritize him.)

If this is Sandy's warm-up act for seasonal_spuffy, then bring it on, I say.

My entries: All these images are from the Pack; screencaps mostly from Bloodqueen and Screencapped.net. (The Xander icon is almost certainly from Screencapped.)
1 - 3

4 - 7

Speaking of seasonal_spuffy, have you voted for your favorite banner for Round 19 yet? And if not, why not?  (Unless you don't ship the pairing, in which case, carry on.)
FYI I'll be away from the computer for the next 4 - 5 days so I won't be around to keep reminding you; ergo, mark it on your calender, kids, and I'll see you around the bend.

A Vague Disclaimer is No One's Friend:
~ Take what  icons you like for personal use but please credit if used :)
~ No hotlinking!
~ Comments however are appreciated :)
~ All artwork by yours truly except where otherwise indicated.

Thank you sweetie!

There were so many gorgeous entries this time around - I say that all the time but I do love b/w photography and image-making so.
You are SO kind to me... :o) I love the banner and whoa...the words you used to describe my icon. I feel so honored. I don't think I will top that for Seasonal Spuffy though... :p

How is your SS stuff going? I can't wait to see it...what's your posting day?
I love the banner

You have no idea how much I appreciate that feedback! As a banner maker that's all I could hope for.

Oh you'll do something wonderful - your beautiful icons constantly blow me away.

My day is *checks calendar* November 11. How's it going? Um...it looks great in my head! *lol* I have a family thing to do this weekend - my brother is getting married - so my project will have to wait until I come back. I see your day is the 21st - right before thanksgiving?

Edited at 2015-10-22 02:26 am (UTC)
November 11...yay! :o)

Congrats to your brother...are you in the wedding? That's so exciting! Is he older or younger than you?

And yeah, my day is the weekend before Thanksgiving...but I may post some stuff early on open day. Haven't decided yet! Mine will probably be mostly fic. But I do have some icons and a couple of banner stuffs.
Nope not in the wedding party but he's paying for my sweetie and I fly down and attend.

And I'm the oldest of four sibs.

but I may post some stuff early on open day.

YAY! I meant to do that last round but didn't - I actually do have some icons I could post if all else fails. More artwork from you?
Your banners look great, hun!
Congrats to all the winners.
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