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A poster in search of a story : Xander and the Evil Clown (Nightmares)

So last week I was making award banners for slayerstillness Challenge 53 - and then this happened:

  Nightmares banner sept 2015 if you want this for a Xander fic please let me know 1)
Title: Why So Serious, Kid? (Nightmares) 2015
Characters: Xander Harris and the Evil Clown
Size: 706x469
All images 706x469 click for full-size:
[Everyone can make a giraffe....]

        Darker version of previous banner alt 2 of previous banner with tagline from The Dark Knight 2 - 3)
I prefer the brighter version myself but in any case I realized (and my lovely beta confirmed) that it was too showy to be a proper awards banner and would only overwhelm the icons it was meant to highlight and honor. So I went with another design but I'd love to see this used for a fanfiction poster. I don't know of any Xander Nightmares fics off the top of my head but I confess I don't read a lot of Xander fic.  So if anyone knows of a story or any author would like to claim this, let me know and I can personalize it to suit.

Per velvetwhip's rec I asked sparrow2000 if she'd be interested; she graciously declined as she hadn't written anything that this would go with, but am I now reading her fic Cracks in the World. (Her prose is amazing.) Perhaps lusciousxander or aadler? eurydice72? Suggestions, anyone?

Alt # 3) I made a version with the tag line from the movie The Dark Knight because I couldn't resist.

Screencaps: Buffy the Vampire Slayer HD/Blu-Ray, Bloodqueen
"Frame": PSDgraphics

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Then check out the rules for Challenge 128 "Shades of Grey" (oh yes, please.)
Very nice banners! Xander looks so young in that picture!

Edited at 2015-10-06 08:32 pm (UTC)
Doesn't he though? The fact that he's still got some of the chocolate bar tucked in his cheek makes his face look rounder and thus even more youthful, I think. (I had a heck of a time finding the perfect shot of him from that scene - I didn't want his cheek bulging out too much.)

Thank you so much for the feedback!
You know I think those banners are marvalicious and I am really hoping they get nabbed for some lucky story!

Thank you Gabrielle!

I realized today that there are a lot of banners out there people have made that would be perfect for someone's fic, if only....maybe there needs to be a clearing house or forum where artists with banners and writers with stories can come together *lol*
Thank you very much! this practically made itself; well, not really but I made it in one afternoon and it came together like magic.

(now if only the seasonal spuffy banner would do the same thing....)
Wow! Awesome looking banners!!! So much love! I'm busy with a WIP fic for Reviving Spander Ficathon, but I don't mind writing something for this after I'm done with my fic.

One of my not so secret fantasies is to have someone write a story inspired by my artwork so yes please! When it's done I'll add the title etc (and then I'll be yours forever. *lol*)
I'll reiterate my love of the brighter one, it's especially awesome. And ah yes, the chocolate bar, I'd forgotten that, because I was wondering why he looked rounder in the face than I remembered.

And thank you for the wonderful comment about Cracks in the World, I'm very touched.
Thank you! In hindsight I should have added a bit more shadow to his left cheek to de-emphasize the bulge but it's not so bad here as in other shots.

I confess I haven't gotten much further in the story because I've been busy with art projects (Seasonal spuffy banner comp etc) but it's on my reading bookmark list - and knowing that Buffy plays a part eventually should motivate me to keep reading (as if the prose and intriguing story weren't enough on their own.) So much goodness, so little time...
Definitely so much goodness, so little time.

I can assure you that Buffy definitely is a big driver for the second story in the Cracks 'verse, but they’re not going anywhere, so they’ll be there, just as and when you get the notion and your art projects allow :)
:D Now you've really got me looking forward to it!

I'm just about done with my banner project for seasonal spuffy so yay!
Thanks sweetie! Yeah that clown is scary - were they referencing Stephen King's "It" in that episode or just general clown fears?