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Banners and icons for btvs20in20 #13 & Slayerstillness #53

So I've taken the plunge and signed up for Round 19 of seasonal_spuffy - the 10th Anniversary, which is amazing and pretty darn cool. There are only 4 slots open in November as of this moment. Admittedly I'm nervous - I'll be doing artwork and I want to make a good showing because, hey, 10th Anniversary. Last round I made banners but this is the first time I've actually signed up for a round. And - 10th anniversary. Ten years of Spuffies creating and enjoying some really amazing artwork and can I honestly make something that is good and original and will be enjoyed by all and be true to my interpretation and feelings about those crazy kids?

Thank you to the voters at btvsats20in20 Round 12 and slayerstillness Challenge 53! Thank you starry_night for the Mod's Choice, and tempertemper for the banner for my "Passion" theme winner.
Banner by Tempertemper Sept 2015    Banner by red_satin_doll
Banner credits: tempertemper (L.) and red_satin_doll (R)


Nightmares is one of my favorite episodes of Season 1 in part because of the way it resonates all the way to the end of the series, particularly in terms of Willow and Buffy. It's one of the most essential episodes of Season 1 and on my shortlist of "S1 episodes You Must Watch if You're Going to Try to Wriggle Your Way Out of Watching the Entire Season (Which You Shouldn't.)"  But it also has some of the most fantastic imagery of the entire series and this was one round I could have very happily submitted 10 - 15 icons. My entries:

1 - 5

My favorite icons are definitely 3 - 5, Xander and the Evil Clown; and the swastika icon is my absolute fave of this set. For once I'm unhappiest with the Buffy icons. I had better ones than 1 - 2 that I didn't submit and I'm not sure why.

Alts: I nearly submitted #6 instead of 5; I like the way Xander is "consumed" by the light.

6 - 11

When I was in college I came across a biography of child-killer John Wayne Gacy that included a photograph of him in a clow costume. The corners of his painted mouth were pointed just like that of the Evil Clown in Nightmares. Apparently professional clowns were shown the photograph and noted that they never painted the corners of the mouth pointed in that way because it was considered to be scary and threatening.

Speaking of voting and all that jazz, voting for Round 32 of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards is open now until October 31!
I'm so excited that you signed up for seasonal Spuffy!!! Yay!

Love the Xander icon with the candy bars...

And I'm so sad about Nicholas Brendan. I'm so wanting to come to treatment where I work (on a diff unit of course). Or well, for him to go to treatment anywhere for that matter! But now that he's got felony charges I wonder if that will limit his access to care...
Thank you and thank you! I really like my Xander icons too - all the more so because he's not my favorite character and (as awful as this sounds) doing artwork of male characters in general is something I have to push myself to do. Nightmares is such a wonderful episode to do artwork of though. (And an argument against skipping Season 1.)

And yes, I've signed up although I have to keep straight in my head that Nov 11 and the banner contest are two separate events.

But now that he's got felony charges I wonder if that will limit his access to care...

Will it? IDK enough about the prison / justice system (which is a growth industry in this country after all). I would actually think that treatment would actually be a condition of whatever the outcome is although I have my doubts about the effectiveness of manditory (vs voluntary) "treatment".

And what would "treatment" even entail anyhow? What does that mean? (I grew up with alcoholic stepfathers, neither of whom ever so much as went to AA or any sort help even once. So the realities of living with an alcoholic? I know lots. The realities of active recovery and what that entails? I know nada.)

Ahh...you are asking the right person about treatment and prisons! I'm a psychologist and have worked in a psychiatric prison as well as various state hospitals and now a very nice nonprofit psychiatric hospital in Houston. :o) Different things work for different people, so one size fits all is not for everyone. Because he has trauma and substance issues, he would benefit from a dual diagnosis program...not sure what level of care. But yes, there is excellent treatment out there and people do change. And yes, it's doable...I know the realities, too, as there is alcoholism in my family and I've witnessed it and lived it (but not to the same extent as you). But my grandma...she stopped drinking (eventually when she almost died...long story) and my aunt and uncle are in recovery. I think they both go to AA or NA meetings, and my aunt went to rehab. I really admire them for facing and dealing with it.

I'm really sorry that you had to go through living with alcoholic stepfathers who did nothing to take responsibility. Not easy. *hugs* You must be extremely resilient!
The Hank and Buffy icon tho!

I think that an image with such complexity deserves more space (like a wallpaper or something) don't you? I love Buffy's expression and the greenish color which makes me think about happiness, except that this scene is so sad.

Beautiful banners too! Congrats on your winning with the passion icon, it was my favorite of the set!
Thank you Kiki!

and the greenish color which makes me think about happiness, except that this scene is so sad.

Yes! That's exactly what I was going for, the contrast. Even from the beginning of the series, badness is not restricted to the things that go bump in the night.

I wouldn't mind reworking the theme at some point into something larger, I'll have to think about it.

it was my favorite of the set!

Really? *blushes*
I think it's super duper that you are doing Seasonal Spuffy! (Plus, your icons? Awesome as always!)

I think you did great work with these icons and I look forward to your entries for seasonal Spuffy. :)
Thank you twice over! I'd cross my fingers for Season Spuffy but that would interfere with working the keyboard. :D
Thank you!

I was going to ask if you voted at whedon elite but I see that you did, yay! Was that a tough one or what?
Like you, I love close crops.

The challenge for me is trying to doing something else, like distant views and group shots in my icons. Because close cropping just comes automatically for me.

I was thrilled to see everybody "bring it" for that challenge.