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Congratulations to Roseemrys at Character20in20 and of course there's a banner:

roseemrys requested a banner for her 2nd place Category icon at Round 72 of character20n20:

One of the nice things about having only one person to make a banner for is that it can be very very personalized; her Rose icon provided the inspiration for the design.
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I tried a design on Friday using one of my tree photographs but the icon demands something more industrial and urban. On Saturday I found a rusted, weathered wood and iron antique drill press (?) behind a building in Providence and took snapped some close-ups for it's textures. Yesterday I cropped a section of the wooden frame, added a second grunge texture in ipiccy.com's default selection to further "age" and damage the wood. Then I cut and resized an image of a "retro" leather picture frame, giving it rounded corners and a drop shadow. It wasn't until I picked out "Downcombe" font from ipiccy in a color to coordinate with the icon that the whole design really came together. (This font is also available HERE at dafont.com) I love how the text looks as if it's literally been incised and painted into the wood and weathered along with it.

Actually this is one of several banners I've done with woodgrain (or wood bark) textures and I think they're some of my favorites of the ones I've made, if I may be so immodest. They tend to be a bit simpler and less busy than my softer "flower" banners sometimes are. Or maybe I just love wood, love it's grains; the smoothness in the heart of it, the satisfying crack when my axe splits a log in two. (Cutting your own firewood with do that to ya. And no, I don't use a chainsaw.)

juliet316_bannermakerschoice we120_firstplacebannerbyrsd2015_FINAL.png3rdplacetierua1412banner533x338_byrsd_WErd113_final.png

Congratulations to all the winners of that round! I confess I don't pay as close attention to the comm (or to hbic20in20) as I should; the artwork being produced for these comms on a regular basis is stunning. And yes, admittedly beyond my skill/knowledge level at the moment, but I'm content to look, learn and contribute banners as the need arises.
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Very nice...I enjoy reading about your process... :o)
I love the ways that you find your textures.

I also love the way the text looks like it's part of the wood. Very cool!
Thank you muchly m'lady!

It's actually easier very often to use my own photos especially for nature imagery because I'm pretty much familiar with my own stuff. I don't mind finding textures that out there on the internet but I'd rather use my own when I can.

I'm SUPER happy with the font here; I ran through almost every one I had before I picked this. It's one I don't use very often for the reasons it's perfect here. It can sometimes be hard to read but it works on a basically solid ground.

This is actually one of my simplest banners this year and already one of my personal favorites.