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Poster Art for "Choose 1 for Ready, 2 for Not Ready" by Spuffy_Luvr for Buffy_Genfic Round 2

Instead of making posters for several different stories as I did in Round 1 of buffy_genfic, this time I made several variants of a banner for one story, "Choose 1 for Ready, 2 for Not Ready" by the very talented baphrosia. (This wasn't planned - sometimes you just gotta go where the Muses take you. All the stories this round were absolutely wonderful so no snub is intended on my part. But Buffy and Willow are one of my OTF's.)

Versions 1 & 2 are baphrosia's favorites; at the time they weren't my favorites but I find myself agreeing with her choices and her reasoning is wonderful, especially with #2. I worried that Buffy and Willow's expressions were too light-hearted for the story but she felt that they were putting on their best faces for one another in that banner; whereas their faces in #1 express how they actually feel. The "polaroid" of Buffy and Willow in the library is from Teacher's Pet. I loved it because with one image I could make a compare/contrast and speak volumes about their friendship, about what's changed, what's damaged, and what binds them still - the history, the shared trauma, the forgiveness and the love.

Teasers:   Alt 9 for spuffyluvr round 2 buffy genfic exchange sept 2015   Alt 8 for spuffyluvr round 2 buffy genfic exchange sept 2015

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[They all wanted to forgive her....]
#1 Alt 9 for spuffyluvr round 2 buffy genfic exchange sept 2015

Alt 8 for spuffyluvr round 2 buffy genfic exchange sept 2015
I think at this point #1 is now definitely my favorite. I can image Willow's face looking exactly that way at the moment in the story when her memories simply become to painful and she abruptly ends the call. baphrosia's characterization of both Willow and Buffy is so on-point; she makes me want to cry for both of them.
I know that Buffy and Willow would be using laptop computers but the banner looked better using a desktop monitor; it was a stronger graphic image and much easier to work with.  I also know that the monitor is too modern and not appropriate circa 2002 but....shockingly, I don't give a damn.

The vintage wallpaper grounds the laptop in an actual setting, and adds a bit of warmth and domesticity. And I wanted a wallpaper that could somehow be linked to either Revello Drive or Giles' estate without specifying either one. It reminds me a little of the striped wallpaper in the upstairs bedroom of the Summers home, and it looks like it could conceivably be found at Giles' English country home, which is why I faded the wallpaper just a little. Based on #3 below, I'm not sure it's actually necessary though.

In 1 & 2, I used lesser-known images from the episode Same Time, Same Place; the caps from STSP that I used in #3 are quite well-known but I just loved Sarah and Aly's expressions and the lightness of the caps.This was originally my favorite version but now it feels unfinished. I didn't add the polaroid from Teacher's Pet because every time I used it I had to cut the borders anew and I simply ran out of energy.  The wallpaper background is missing but I actually don't mind that. I overlaid an image of a cracked mirror over the Skype lens as a symbol of the "cracks" in their relationship, which looks nifty but in hindsight might be a bit heavy-handed.

Alt 3 for spuffyluvr round 2 buffy genfic exchange sept 2015
Alt 2 for spuffyluvr round 2 buffy genfic exchange sept 2015
#4 is a bit darker, obviously - and more than a bit heavy-handed, what with the monitor itself being cracked in addition to the camera lesn, the images from Villains, the stains on the polaroid and tape. An example of going too far and having too much fun playing with layers. And yet I still like this.

And because I am a completist:

Alt 6 for spuffyluvr round 2 buffy genfic exchange sept 2015
This is only distantly related to the story and the wood frame makes no sense in context but I couldn't resist playing with this image; this led to the "polaroid" in 1 & 2, so it was worth the experiment. And gosh aren't they just adorable?

Also I apologize to everyone (especially our mods kwritten and aliceinkinkland, and of course the author herself) for the delay in getting this posted; inspiration finally struck just the other day, quite literally.

Vague disclaimers: Artwork by me, 2015. Look, enjoy but do not snag, or post to any other website or archive unless your name is baphrosia. Do not steal, claim as your own or alter.
I love this! I definitely think #1 fits the story best, and those expressions are just so on point. Somehow, though, #5 really speaks to me as well. Great work!
I love these! You're right - #1 is the best. But the rest are all intriguing in their own right!

Thank you! baphrosia is the one who singled out 1 & 2, I was actually fond of 3 & 4, so she was the one who set me right. I still wish I had "finished" 3 but to be honest? They all have a place in my heart. THOSE GIRLS! I adore them, I really do. All the stuff they endure, the traumas they undergo, the times they are there for one another over and over again.

I really thought based on STSP that we were going to get the return of some quality Buffy and Willow friendship time. I missed that so much from the end of S5 onward and it was - not to be, alas. (I don't think anybody got what they wanted out of S7, really, so I don't think I'm special in that regard.)

I think these look awesome, hun!
#1 definitely fits the story best, but I do like the darker edges from some of your alternates.
Thank you! I'm still fond of my alts too. I really like the darker, harsher emotional in your face quality of #4 - here's why Willow has to cut off the call from Buffy, here's why it's so painful; and we know how much they love one another, how often they've been there for one another, so that just makes it that much more painful doesn't it?