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My entries for btvsats20in20 Round 12: "BtVS Season 1 "

I only needed one extension this time, whoo! Many thanks as always to my wonderful Muse-Goddess, velvetwhip, for her inspiration and feedback. Don't forget to check out the rest of the gorgeous entries for Round 12 by teragramm, sweet_lyri, killing_kurare spikesredqueen and clarahow.  Now without further ado:


[The feeble banter portion of our program.....]

10 Themes
Blocking Clean Red Passion Looking Down
Last Scene Happiness Determined Attraction Blur
5 Category |FADE AWAY
Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5
5 Artist's Choice
AC 1 AC 2 AC 3 AC 4 AC 5


1 - 6

7 - 12
*RIP Janna Kalderash*

    13 - 18

19 - 25

26 - 32

    33 - 38

39 - 43
 I love #39  but I thought it looked more like a "blend" than a "blocking" icon.

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Clearly great minds think alike - #41 is the same as my entry except for the coloring. :D

Also "I feel pretty" *grin*

*SQUEES* I worried the text was too distracting or something but it made me smile so, I couldn't resist - I'm so glad you like! The MOTW ones were a lot of fun to make!
Re: love her
I'm curious to learn more about Darla.

love the Buff/ Darla one that's epic

OMG thank you! Which one are you referring to? Cat 1, Cat 5, or one of the alts 13 - 18? I admit I scared myself a little with Cat 5 and the Darla/Buffy in Dead things blend - it's a bit darker than I usually go in my artwork.
Re: love her
I loved them all she the dark one I liked most it is a very cool thing you did excellent great job
You already know how impressed I am, but it never hurts to say it again! Big, BIG kudos for giving Flutie some icon love! (Also, I so dig that Nummy Treat icon - faboo!)

I am every indebted to you for your selfless help, your advice and encouragement, Gabrielle!

Big, BIG kudos for giving Flutie some icon love!

I'm so happy you like! I thought you might appreciate it. I really enjoyed giving rare characters some love last round and your response to that, so I had you in mind. That scene - it's been so long since I've seen it I've forgotten how dark it is. That was the first "whoa shit just got real" moment in the series for me.

Nummy Treat is growing on me too - it makes me smile and that's not a bad thing, is it?
These look awesome! I am so glad to have caught these tonight! My favorites are looking down (great take on the theme btw), passion (love the lighting and the soft glow to this icon), blocking, happiness, and blur. I also loved your cat set, nice touch adding the Marcy in the last one. Your artist set is so great and creative! Great job on all of these and I even like your alts/extras! The Willow #39 is very nice, I like the comparisons of her nightmares from the two seasons. I have to say I love all of your Darla icons, do you mind if I snag one? Again, great work!
Oh thank you so much for commenting sweetheart! Wow, I love your detailed response! And by all means snag away! I'm really super-happy with the Darla icons, it's the first time I've done that character.

Willow 39 was almost my blocking entry, and I hope I don't regret the decision, I do love that icon; I'm surprised more people don't do artwork comparing the two episodes.

nice touch adding the Marcy in the last one.

:D When I remembered that scene it was like, how could I not include it? That would have been so wrong.

BTW I've been super impressed with your Buffy icons lately - and I was looking around your user pics and had no idea you'd snagged so many of mine and I am incredibly honored that my work touches you!

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Thanks for letting me snag! I still like your blocking entry icon as well, they both have different feels to them. I know it is hard to not to second guess yourself with submitting icons, trust me I do it all the time.

And when I see icons that evoke an idea or an emotion, I always wanna snag them. I have been so loving your icons and other art!
OMG you snagged one of my favorite Darla icons! I loved how that one came out, so simple and pretty but it didn't fit the AC set stylistically as well as AC2. I was trying for some cohesion but I am super-pleased you snapped that one up. You have an excellent eye, m'lady!

trust me I do it all the time.

Thank you for saying that I feel much better knowing it's not just me!

One of the challenging things about making fan art for me? Is the fact that we don't talk/write about it, at least not he way authors routinely write/ talk about writing with one another. I suppose I could seek out a community expressly for that purpose.
Very predictably - or not, Idk - I really like "Passion". Also love Blur and Cat5. But I must say this: that icon with Darla and Buffy faces mixed up together freaked the hell out of me. Never do that again, it's scary!
I really like "Passion".

Thank you! I didn't expect that, actually.(But you have written Bangel fic and you like Angel) Is it the colors?

that icon with Darla and Buffy faces mixed up together freaked the hell out of me. Never do that again, it's scary!

1) I freaked the hell out of myself when I made those! I usually avoid looking too deeply at Buffy's darker side (justifying that by saying "everyone else already does that") but my mind went there and - I couldn't help it. (that's the first time I've done an anything from that scene in DT btw). The fact that you had an emotional reaction therefore pleases me because you're supposed to, it should be upsetting.

2) In this instance I promise nothing, Kiki. *lol*
Great set! I LOVED Blur. What a great image. My other favorite was Blocking (and all the Alts to Blocking).
Thank you so much for the compliments! And welcome to my journal, I've added you as a friend. :D

You selected some of my favorites in this set, btw
These are all beautiful! I especially love Blocking, Clean, Red, Passion, Looking Down, Determined, Cat1, Cat3, and the entire AC set. And quite a few of the extras.
OMG thank you so much for your feedback! Some of your faves are different to ones other folks have mentioned and that pleases me. I'm very fond of Cat 1 and Clean myself.

and the entire AC set

YAY! I went to a much darker place (emotionally) than I usually do with that set; I'm very glad it speaks to you. You know from dark... :D

Very nice I especially like clean, looking down and determined but my favorite is passion. Good job!
These are terrific hon! And wow that's a lot of alts, lol. But I love it - I used to do that but nowadays I struggle enough so whatever I come up with is it :P

My faves are:
~ Blocking - very creatively done and I love the contrast of the colouing. Of the alts for this, I love 39 but I agree it looks a bit more blend than blocking. I also love 41 (but I think I prefer the one that you ended up with slightly more) and 42.
~ Passion - wonderful crop and I love the softness of the colours and lighting. I also love alt 3 of this but I think the paler light works a little better.
~ Looking Down - Love the take on this theme. Great use of a birds eye view crop.
~ Last Scene - Flutie! It's always nice to see the minor characters get some love and this is beautifully done. Love the crop and colouring.
~ Blur - Love the colouring and texture use.
~ Category Set - I really love 3-5 in particular but all of them have lovely cropping and colours. And lol at the text in 4.
~ ACs - all of them are beautiful. I love the dark blues in the colouring and also, Darla! <3
Thank you sweetie! I actually thought I was relatively restrained with the alts; usually I make 5-10x more alts than I need, so I definitely lowered my average this time to 2 - 3 as many. *lol*

Thank for the feedback on the blocking icon and alts btw! Believe it or not it is blocked in that the individual pieces are set next to each other but it looks layered. Which is nifty but not appropriate. I kind of wish I'd been able to do something more sophisticated

Great use of a birds eye view crop.

I don't usually do distance shots because I have hard time with sharpness, so I'm pretty happy with this one. And I couldn't resist the fact that the camera is looking down on Giles looking down on Jenny.

You kind words make me VERY happy, especially your love for the AC and Cat sets!
This is one helluva set, hun!
My favorites include:
1. Blocking- Aly has some great expressions of fear/panic and I liked how you used the blocking technique to frame said expressions.
2. Clean- Buffy looks adorable in that black hat1
3. Last Scene- Principal Flutie!
4. Blur.

I also dig that you used monsters of the week for the category set.

AC 2 is my favorite of Darla. I like the way you captured her in a moment of joy. I also like the use of shading in your alternate #25.
This is one helluva set, hun!

Thank you dear heart!

Aly has some great expressions of fear/panic

Right? Those were some of the funnest to make! (And I can't believe LJ doesn't balk at "funnest".)

Clean is one of my favorites btw - I'm really happy with the sharpness and clarity and Buffy is so damn CUTE it's insane.

Principal Flutie!

Shit just got real. (!) You'd think after Jesse I wouldn't have been surprised they "went there" but I forgot that S1 is basically a take-off on horror movie tropes. But boy did they ever! I forgot how truly terrified he was - great little performance from that actor.

Just call me Queen of Rarely-iconned characters thank you *lol*

And the Darla icons were great to play with as well - she has wonderful expressions and they make her so pretty even in vamp face! My favorite is probably #19, the plainest one but it didn't go with the color scheme of the rest.

And I removed #25 at the last minute from the AC set and now I can't remember why.

Thank you very much and I apologize for taking so long to reply! This set was a lot of fun, I definitely want to do more early season icons!