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My icons and banners for Whedon Elite Challenge 125!

Thank you to everyone who voted my Buffy icon "Best Crop" at whedon_elite Challenge 125 and congratulations to marishna, sweet_lyri and teragramm!  The theme for this round was "Muted Coloring" - more banners and icons, including Banner Maker's Choice Award, after the cut:

Reminder: Entries for whedon_elite Challenge #126 "Weapon of Choice" are due Sept 20th.


The last round of slayerstillness I was agog over teragramm's icons especially her Helpless entry; this time around marishna's Buffy and Willow icons blew me away.  The color and shine of Willow's hair in her first place winner alone is indescribably beautiful, as are the peach, ecru and blue tones in the Helpless icon. How does she achieve that perfect balance of softness and clarity?

BMC goes to sweet_lyri's Chosen icon; the first time I saw it it, I thought Buffy looked like she was standing in front of a bisected mirror.  Getting those images to line up perfectly is harder than it looks (I know, I tried); and the dark texture in the foreground echoes the dusty setting and makes the dirt on her skin seem palpable; I can almost feel the grittiness of it.

See the rest of the winning icons and banners for marishna, sweet_lyri and teragramm here.
we125_firstplacemarishna2_rsd.png   we125_BMCsweetlyri_rsd.png

Banners and background photograph of daisies by your's truly; photograph taken at Wilcox Park in Westerly Rhode Island, 2015.
Icons by their respective makers.

My entries:
PDVD_033_BYicon1.2_rsd_zpsbmjmqkra.png~original.png doublemeatpalace0700_icon2.2.png sphereglow8buffyicon1.5_rsd2015.png buffy613_478_PAAP_icon1.2a.png 1 - 4
My personal favorite of my set is #1. But I also had a ridiculous amount of fun playing with #3 - see alts below for occular confirmation.
buffydmpicon3.3.png buffydmpicon3.2.png doublemeatpalace0700_icon2.1.png buffy613_478_PAAP_icon1.2.png 5 - 8

sphereglow8buffyicon1.2_rsd2015.png sphereglow8buffyicon1.3_rsd2015.png sphereglow8buffyicon1.4a_rsd2015.png sphereglow8buffyicon1.6e_patronsaint_rsd2015.png sphereglow8buffyicon1.6g_patronsaint_rsd2015.png 9 - 13
True Champions of Buffy Summers (TM) will appreciate #12 - 13 (I'm looking at you, kikimay and clockwork_hart1)

A Vague Disclaimer is No One's Friend:
~ Want? Take, have for personal use but please credit if used.
~ No hotlinking!
~ Comments however are appreciated and feedback is coin of the realm; leave a little and make an artist's day.  :)

True Champions of Buffy Summers (TM) will appreciate #12 - 13 (I'm looking at you, kikimay and clockwork_hart1)

YAAAAS! Buffy needs to be protected and appreciated for her enormous courage and the fact that she actually PROTECTED the people she cared about and the rest of the world and that's, IMO, is the greatest act of bravery. I really love the title "Patron Saint of Protection" (Which is kinda like "our lady of protection") I think that, maybe, you chose wisely putting icon 3 on the run, although icon 13 reinforces the point. I don't know. Icons celebrating Buffy's strenght: perfection.

Great entries selection! I especially like the one that won, especially because that great use of the light (Again, wise choice!)

This time I actually forgot to vote! I saw the entries but then I got busy and I didn't remember to vote. Which would have been incredibly hard because the entries were stunning! Congrats!
Icons celebrating Buffy's strenght: perfection.

Speaking of Buffy icons did you see the lovely set by spikesredqueen for 20in20?

(Which is kinda like "our lady of protection")

Oh, I wish I had made it "Our Lady of..." (Except she's still a little girl in that episode, relatively speaking.)

I'd love to do one celebrating Buffy as the patron saint of forgiveness but I haven't found the exact right image yet. That one actually requires a banner for all the times she's forgiven the transgression against her.

I especially like the one that won, especially because that great use of the light

Thank you! I found a nifty shadow texture by lookslikerain in my collection. It's perfect for the image. She looks so pretty in Doublemeat Palace (except for the stupid uniform and the cow hat of course.)
I absolutely love #1! So soft and smooth and glowy, and I mean that in a literal as well as emotional sense. Well done!
Very nice banners, as usual! #4 is my favourite of your entries. I'm not a fan of the frame in #3 but I like its alts, in particular #9. Buffy really looks like an icon there, in the religious sense of the word.
Buffy really looks like an icon there, in the religious sense of the word.

YAY! That's totally what I was going for, thank you!

I still want to do an "Our Lady of Forgiveness" banner for Buffy. Because no one embodies it more than she does - sometimes to her own detriment, let's be honest.
congrats bby!!

everything is beauuuuutiful

honestly babe you get better all the time it;s wonderful. I love everything, the banners are pretty!! the icons!! THE ICONS!!
I also love #1, i think thats such a beautifully utilised image, but that said all of the ones you ended up going with a gorgeous, and beautifully made so.

ALSO this reminds me of the icons i made a while back and haven't posted or used yet so I might make a few more so I have a set and get a post going bc i am so awfully fond of what's come out so far.
THANK YOU! #1 is my favorite too.

You have icons you've been hiding from us? Bring them OUT, baby girl!

BTW, I saw your new journal title and subtitle - when I met you it was about puking to death near a toilet, now you're a queen in her castle HUZZAH! I like this a LOT.
OMG. I am just slayed (no pun intended) by both the winners, and your Buffy icons.
Rule #1 - A Slayer ALWAYS intends her puns

Rule #2 - A Slayer NEVER apologies for her puns.

Which is to say, I'm delighted, thank you!