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Congratulations again to the winners in btvsats20in20 Round 11, killing_kurare, kwritten, starry_night and yours Truly.  Here are my banners for the winning entries inclung BMC award. This was a fantastic round in terms of quality and artistry, and making banners is a wonderful chance to really appreciate the icons anew.

  scenerybannerKK1.2.png BMCbannerfire2.2.png ACsetbannersweetlyri1.2.png obscurebanner1.2_rsd.png

[Gallery of wonders right this way...]

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Banners for killing_kurare:

battlebannerKK1.2.png pinkwhitebannerKK1.2.png scenerybannerKK1.2.png dressupbannerKK1.2.png

insidebannerKK1.2.png Cat2bannerKK1.2.png AC2ndplacebannerKK1.2.png AC3rdplacebannerKK1.2.png

Banners for kwritten including Banner Maker's Choice Award for her entire AC Set. I love the cinematic quality of her cropping her focus on Dawn's face. That episode and especially that scene is incredibly underrated IMO - it's the entire Bangel saga compressed into one episode, ending in a little girl having to kill her first love. And having just worked with some very dark and grainy screencaps from that ep, I'm in awe of the lovely "finish" she achieves here. (How in the world does she get those clear colors and that dewy look in ipiccy?)

vunerable bannerfire2.2.png vampirebannerfire2.2.png BMCbannerfire2.2.png  

Banners for starry_night
patternbannersweetyri1.2.png Categorysetbannersweetlyri1.2.png ACsetbannersweetlyri1.2.png ACfirstplacebannersweetyri1.2.png

And finally, banners for your's truly - THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my icons!

strongbanner1.2_rsd.png obscurebanner1.2_rsd.png Cat1stplacebanner1.2_rsd.png Cat3rdplacebanner1.2_rsd.png     

I think I've mentioned this before, but my first place category winner was my homage to sweet_lyri's style of wrapping a figure in shadows until it's nearly submerged; I wanted to give it a try but never imagined it would be one of my most popular icons this round. And I did not see the third place category win coming at all and I'm tickled that it's the Joyce icon; it and the Uncle Enyios icon were two of my favorites of my set.

Background image of bonfire from my own photograph, 2015. All icons by their respective artists.

Kudos to all the winners! I am so proud of you! Your banners are gorgeous, of course!

Beautiful banners, hun!
Also, congratulations to all the winners. Especially you. I love that "obscured" icon so much. It's awesome.
So many lovely icons this round -- including yours! And very good banner maker's choice. I love that set.