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Framed: Banner and icons for Whedon Elite Challenge 124

Congratulations to sweet_lyri, teragramm, entwashian and emmatheslayer for their winning entries in whedon_elite Challenge 124!

we124banner_1stplace_sweetlyri_rsd2015.png we124banner_2ndplaceteragramm_rsd2015.png we124_3rdplacebanner_entwashian.png we124_modschoicebanner_emmatheslayer.jpg
Not shown here is the Best Composition banner for entwashian.

My entries (many MANY thanks, kudos, roses, hugs and much applause for my beta-Muse velvetwhip for her guidance, for helping me select my entries. And especially for appreciating the frame within the image of #2. (I made a lot of alts of that one in particular that she had to sift through, and did so with her usual graciousness and keen eye.)
ted0540_icon2.2framedrsd2015.png consequences0128icon1.3e.png buffyHDtedicon1.3.png buffy315_006_icon1.2.png 1 - 4 
Because the theme of this challenge was "Framed" my original concept was to have icons from three episodes in which Buffy was framed for murder (get it?): Ted, Consequences and Dead Things. I didn't end up using the DT icons I made but that episode still maintains a presence in the phrase from it I in #1. That scene in the police station is incredibly chilling and Sarah plays it beautifully. We don't often see Buffy scared in the series but in the interrogation room she's not the Slayer, just a terrified girl.

Alts aplenty:
[Step inside my parlor....]

        5 - 8

    9 - 12
Told you I had fun with the chalkboard series.

  13 - 15

I will always think of #2 as your Dogme 95 icon.

I love all of these, as you know. Bravissima!

I will always think of #2 as your Dogme 95 icon.

That's the phrase I was trying to remember and couldn't when I was writing this, thank you!

And your assistance and feedback were simply invaluable, Gabrielle, as always; I treasure the gifts you offer so freely.
These look so great, hun!
I love the use of the chalkboard as a frame. :)