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Poster Art: "All Ye Who Enter" for aadler; and banners for Slayerstillness #50

My artwork for velvetwhip's Answering Prayers led to a request by aadler for a poster for his story All Ye Who Enter.
version 2 as requested by the author August 2015

All Ye Who Enter (2015)  Click poster for full-size image, then to go here to aadler's story. Read the story. I can wait.
Commentary below the cut -
[why do they make the chalk blue now]
*Mild Spoilers below - did you read the fic first?*
Unlike the poster for AP, this one came out very different to my original concepts - and probably for the better. I wanted an image of Dru less obviously her, more mysterious, but the S32 promo images are excellent quality and absolutely swoon-worthy. I layered one of my photographs from a bonfire the summer over her twice as the background.

The screencaps were of far lesser quality and merging images of very different quality together into a cohesive whole was the biggest challenge.

ETA: I thought about redoing this poster to deepen the shadows, as in the earlier drafts of this image.  But that would make it look more like the AP poster and I wanted to differentiate them. The lighter contrast of this image helps to mask the differences in image quality especially re: the cap of Joyce; at least that was my conscious motivation. It wasn't until after I finished it and sent it to aadler, then saw it on his journal, that I realized that the relative lightness or haziness of the image reminded me of the apartment fire my sweetie and I had in 2013, and how my vision slowly filled with smoke until it became difficult to see.

The image of Angelus I think is from Passion - or Phases - it really doesn't matter.  I didn't want to use a well-known shot of him from a particular moment in the series and this fit the bill.  The burning wood in the lower left corner is from another of my bonfire photos that I used as a foreground texture to mask the edges between the figures, and it happened to fall over Angelus' coat in a really interesting way.

The photo of Joyce is from Gingerbread near the end of the episode - ironically, the scene where Buffy and Willow are nearly burnt to death at the stake. I assumed the image is not well-known but her expression of shock and horror was perfect for my needs. I wanted very much to emphasize the horror of the situation without turning Joyce into a quivering damsel, to suggest some of the strength and dignity and determination that carriers her through the story. A tall order for just one little image. I erased out the MOO badge on her blouse, which I changed to a lavender color from the original earth-tones.

The image of Buffy is from Ted, when she's sitting on her front steps thinking she's killed Ted; the stairs inside the house are just visible behind her.  It doesn't represent a moment in the actual story. Drusilla imagines Buffy as a hardened warrior and I was going to use a image from The Wish but Wishverse!Buffy looks rather silly in that thick black eyemake-up so I tried to evoke a moment that isn't in the story but what I imagined in-between the spaces. I cut the image around her roughly, dropped it in and it fell into place perfectly.

I originally wasn't going to put Buffy in the poster; unlike Answering Prayers, she's not actually a character in the story but as with AP she's a presence despite - or because of? - her absence, the Buffy-shaped-hole that everything else revolves around. Which makes sense to my mind - this is the Buffyverse after all, and even if she's not the protagonist of the story, she is the Buffy-shaped-force that everyone else revolves around, the reason why everyone in the story does what they do.

And the women are the most important thing in All Ye, as in BtVS; Angelus is just a puppet on their stage even if imagines himself the puppet-master.

Speaking of the women of the Buffyverse, congratulations to the winners of slayerstillness Challenge 50 "Willow": sweet_lyri, tempertemper, and debris4spike!  And as banner maker my BMC this round went to teragramm for her iconic (and adorable) icon of WIllow from the Body. Check out all my banners here.

Many and I do mean MANY thanks to velvetwhip for her feedback on these banners.

All artwork here by me, 2015, except for teragramm's icon. Do not snag, steal, alter, hotlink or post to another website, archive or journal without my express prior permission. In other words, look but don't touch.
Love the banner you made for aadler! It's so evocative! And of course your award banner is STUNNING!

Thank you Gabrielle! I really wanted to differentiate this one from the AP poster so they'd be distinct from one another, and I think I succeeded.

I meant to mention that I thought about redoing this to make the shadows deeper and the contrast stronger, but the relative lightness of the image here reminds me of the housefire from 2013 and how the atmosphere does get lighter as the smoke fills the room, although I wasn't conscious of that when I made the poster. I may add that in.

and - EEP! - I also forgot to credit you your your feedback on the posters!

I think I need to create a stamp somewhere so that just shows up automatically or something.

ETA: added in both items to post now. :D

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I haven't read the story yet, so I skipped the commentary, but that's a lovely banner. I particularly like Drusilla as the mysterious figure in the background.

And Willow looks cute as a button in your banner, just like in teragramm's icon.

Thank you sweetie! Aly is all kinds of adorable isn't she?

If you do read the story come back and let me know what you think. :D
I think you did a great capture with your banner for aadler. I hope he loves it!

Also, have I mentioned that I really appreciate the way you talk about the thought process that goes into your work? I also appreciate that you seek out the less-used screencaps.
He was MOST complimentary, I couldn't be more pleased by the reception of it. I did a lot of blushing I confess.

I really appreciate the way you talk about the thought process that goes into your work?

You have but I don't mind it being repeated - because I still always think, "Am I talking too much?" That's why I put the commentary after the cut, people can read it or not their choice. I'm very grateful that you do.

I had meant to post this much sooner and I wish I had, because my thought process was newer and fresher; I kind of crammed my commentary and forgot a lot of things but oh well.

I also appreciate that you seek out the less-used screen caps.

Although conversely I'm guilty of going back to certain tried and true images with my icons repeatedly. But they serve a different purpose anyway as you well know.

I find that having several sources of images helps, don't you? I've got about four or so basic ones I turn to constantly.