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Belated Gratitude to the Members of Elysian Fields and Unbelated Birthday Wishes for Feliciacraft

* A VERY belated THANK YOU to the unknown person(s) who nominated and then selected me as "Reviewer of the Month" for August 2015 at Elysian Fields! I'm still astonished and have no idea how that all happens (and I confess I feel something of a fraud for the honor, not having reviewed as frequently this month) but THANK YOU THANK YOU! It's a very kind welcome to the community.

ETA: And congratulations to baphrosia for being voted Author of the Month! Getting to be Reviewer of the Month as the same month as a dear friend and one of my favorite writers and person to share thinky-thoughts with? Is VERY cool.

* And a VERY un-belated actually on-time HAPPY BIRTHDAY to feliciacraft! She had kind words for my Round 11 Joyce and Buffy icons the other day, so I thought she might appreciate this pretty thing. Enjoy your special day, week and month, Felicia!

Yup, I do, I do, I do!!! It just warms my heart (maybe because of the warm glow of the banner?)! I cannot thank red_satin_doll enough!
Oh hi! I'm just now seeing your comment, you're very welcome Felicia! I hoped you'd enjoy this. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I wanted to emphasize the bond between Buffy and Joyce and imply that in other circumstances, Joyce might have been a Slayer, that the fact that Buffy was called wasn't just random. That magic runs through the women of that family.

I hope you've having a very very happy birthday, it's been my pleasure to get to know you this year!
That is a gorgeous banner!

Also, congrats on being named reviewer of the month.
- (Anonymous)
- (Anonymous)
That's because we're awesome and go together like... things that go together (it's early, okay?).

I love the shiny, metallic, burnished, glowing look you've got going on there. I think there's a word for it, but we'll just go with pretty (it's still early.)
That's because we're awesome and go together like... things that go together (it's early, okay?).

*gigglesnort* We do make a good team don't we?

And "pretty" works for me! I like "metallic, burnished, glowing" too. Lovely description, and thank you!
Awwww, a banner just for me? Oh it's soooo beautiful! You're right on, I just love the Summers women. Thank you so very much! *jumps up and down, clapping*

BTW, congratulations, you Reviewer of the Month, you! Totally deserved!
You're welcome sweetie! When you commented specifically about Joyce and Buffy in my icons I knew you were a kindred spirit! Being a champion of the Summers women is serious business, we deserve to treat ourselves don't you think?

And thank you muchly!
Congratulations on being elected reviewer of the month! And that's a beautiful banner. To borrow Spike's terminology, both of them look effulgent.
Thank you on both counts sweetie!

To borrow Spike's terminology, both of them look effulgent.

*giggles* It turned out nicely didn't it?