Buffy IWRY golden glow RSD

Much to see and much to do.....how can I make it easier for you?

Voting posts are now up for Round 11 at btvsats20in20; deadline to vote is August 22nd:


You know what to do, Sweet Baby Jane. There are only four artists to choose from this round. Should make things easier, no? No. No, it does not.

Not that I mean to influence the vote because that would be wrong but - how on earth is the Inside theme a three-way tie? How is emmatheslayer's killing_kurare's*  brilliant interpretation of the theme not leading the pack?

Just sayin'.

*And this is what I get for posting at 4:30 something in the morning -  thank you emmatheslayer for pointing out my futz-up!
Hmm I don't think I made a set for this comm I really should but I don't have time
Done (though I didn't realize I was logged in as sd_herald at the time). *headdesk*

Also, that was incredibly difficult! Thanks for helping to promote the comm, though!
I voted as soon as the polls went up. I haven't been back to check on how things are shaping up in the polls though.
We'll have a couple of ties to break if more people don't vote.

I've noticed that people aren't voting on everything so some polls have 20 responses, others have 17 or 19. I assume it makes it kind of a headache for starry as a mod. Hopefully votes don't have to be thrown out.

Everyone is going to win something this round, which is nice. :D