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My Entries for btvsats20in20 Round 11: " Surprise / Innocence "

My set for Round 11 of btvsats20in20:

As always, kudos and praise for my fabulous beta-Muse velvetwhip, for her ceaseless and generous encouragement, support and inspiration. And big THANK YOU to starry_night for once again extending the deadline.


[Happy Birthday Buffy....]

10 Themes
Vulnerable Battle Pink + White Dress Up Scenery
Obscured Pattern Strong Vampire Inside
Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5
5 Artist's Choice
AC 1 AC 2 AC 3 AC 4 AC 5

Some alts and extras:

           1 - 6

          7 - 12

          13 - 17

      18 - 22

       23 - 27

        28 - 32

      33 - 36

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Oh, wow! Too many to choose favorites! Suffice it to say that I love all of the Buffy icons and Joyce icons: Vulnerable, Strong, Cat5, and AC4.

I went through the alts 1-6, and 7-12, and agree with your final choices for both. Also partial to 13, 19, and 23 (the last because Cat3 is so haunting). You capture hurt Buffy really well!
Suffice it to say that I love all of the Buffy icons and Joyce icons

Thank you so much! This calls for a celebratory gif:

Which is to say, I LOVE your choices, obviously. :D

I went through the alts 1-6, and 7-12, and agree with your final choices for both.

I was ready to submit alt #2 for Pink and White - I have to give credit to my esteemed beta-Muse for making rethink that choice. Sometimes I fall a little too much in love with the surface, if that makes sense?

23 (the last because Cat3 is so haunting)

That image/set of icons has been very well received and I didn't expect that, but that one is a tip 'o the mouse to sweet_lyri; I wanted to try something in the style I've seen her use, with the character being submerged in shadow.

You capture hurt Buffy really well!

THANK YOU. Is it awful that this comment made my day? I love Buffy so much and it's probably a little mean to dwell on her hurt but I get her on so many levels.
Oh wow! These are so fantastic.
Favorites include: vulnerable, dress up, obscured, strong, and AC 1.
Thank you m'lady! I think dress up and obscured are two of the niftiest icons I've done. And they are both very "meta" (plus, working with images of men are a challenge for me.) I'm so pleased you noticed them. :D

AC1 was a very last minute choice btw.
Very nice! I especially like AC1, Cat3 and obscured. Great job!!
Thank you hon!

Obscured is one of the icons I'm most pleased with; I had no plan with that one. and I'm really surprised by how popular Cat 3 has been so far. That icon was actually sort of a homage to sweet_lyri; I want to experiment with her style of submerging characters in deep shadow. I would have thought of the cat icons that people would go for #5. (Not that I'm complaining, mind. :D)
Just incredible! Wow! Excellent choices for the themes, excellent alts, just... wow!

Thank you! I was about to say "you saw these...." and then realized you hadn't outside of the small handful.

And thank you VERY much for your input!

Earning a "Wow" from you is no small thing and I don't take it lightly
All the fabulousness!!

(Every time I see the Giles one, I think "noose". And then I realize it's a handle thingie in his car.)
(Every time I see the Giles one, I think "noose". And then I realize it's a handle thingie in his car.)

*LMAO* I almost cut that background out entirely but - nah, not enough time, too lazy, it sets the scene, etc. Now I'm never going to be able to unsee "noose"

thank you for commenting, hon!
These are beautiful hon! As always, great interpretations of the themes and I love your compositions and colouring. My faves are vulnerable, pink + white (and all of its alts), obscured, vampire, inside, C1-2, C4, AC2, AC4 and AC 5. Great set! :)
Thank you so much!

I was hoping you'd notice pink+white (and it's alts) especially, you were one of the people I had in mind when I made that one. You're the first person to single out the vampire icon; I have a special fondness for that character. You're also the first person to notice AC2 - highlighting the forgotten/misused characters in the 'verse seems to be a pet project of mine *lol*

And thank you once again for the extensions, as always. The four sets look terrific next to one another, don't they?
Oh, I love these! Especially pattern, vulnerable, strong and battle.
Thank you muchly, hon!

I've taken a look at the voting posts and I'm super impressed by your icons all over again.
Yes, you made it! I didn't want to look at this post before voting, and it turns out I voted for quite a few of yours. I love Vulnerable, Pink+White, Pattern, Inside, Cat 3 (als the blue variant #27), Cat 5 and AC 4. And I think the Obscured icon is sheer brilliance!
Yes I did, finally! it took more than one all-nighter to pull it off (Do I think I'm still 20 years old or something? *lol*)

Thank you for your support and encouragement btw because I almost threw in the towel more than once so - knowing there are folks out there who actually want to see what I produce is a HUGE motivation.

You like Pink+White, yay! I like the one too; I tried really hard to get that luster and smoothness to Buffy's face, the brightness of the color etc (and then I got and add surface grunge because that's the way I roll *lol*)

the Obscured icon is sheer brilliance!

*blushes* THANK YOU! That was basically a happy accident, I think - although now I can see the resemblance between it and the SMG icon I personalized for you. I've worked so hard recently to improve sharpness and clarity of my icons so it was interesting to go the other direction on purpose.

Oh my, I totally forgot to comment on your set :o

As always I adore the creativity you show when making icons <3 And your claims of course!
I think your sets are exciting for you try different styles. Vintage, vibrant, texture … I really like that ^^

Anyway, my favs are: Vulnerable (that one’s truly amazing, I’ve been in love with it right away), Dress Up (love that interesting blend of the frame :D), obscured (SOOOO CREATIVE!! And I love the use of colors and softening and stuff!), inside (the way you interpreted it is amazing :D And DRUUUU! Perfect pick :D), Cat3 (love the coloring with the shadows. It’s so dark, depressing, menacing even in a way … wow :D), Cat 4 (complete opposite :D light, sunny, colorful, Willow <3), Cat5 (love the idea with that border! And it’s such a great crop <3), AC3 (that one’s so deep in a way … I think it shows Drusilla’s state of mind sometimes, kinda clouded, lonely, misunderstood … you know?)
Furthermore I adore Alts 3 (love that subtil coloring), 4 (soft <3), 9 and 10, 13 (love the brightness) <3

Great work!
Oh my, I totally forgot to comment on your set :o

And I totally forgot to say THANK YOU for your kind and thorough comments, forgive me? Also, why haven't I friended you yet? What's wrong with me? Ok, I just amended that.

I think your sets are exciting for you try different styles. Vintage, vibrant, texture … I really like that ^^

*blushes* Oh gosh thank you you really are too kind! I do experiment a lot, I think because textures and layers are still so new for me, I only started working with layers a year ago so I'm very much a kid in a candy store. I don't know that I have "a recognizable style" but that in and of itself maybe is my style. I tend to go back and forth between very stylized and very naturalistic.

I'm very impressed with your picks, especially that you singled out Dress up, Cat 5, inside and AC3. I was really proud of those, especially AC3. You absolutely nailed what I was getting at with it. Dru deserved SO MUCH better than the story gave her; she's such a tragic character and yet she endures, she has a quiet strength despite everything. She parallels Buffy in so many ways and she's so completely overlooked and underestimated. It's tragic, isn't it?