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WTF??? Can anyone tell me what THIS means?

unable to get cluster reader: 9 at /home/lj/cgi-bin/LJ/Talk.pm line 2490.

 Anyone recognize what the heck this is? This line was filling up my inbox on repeat and I deleted it a few times thinking it was spam, before it occured to me that it might be replacing some of my messages. (DAMN IT.) Is LJ trying to FORCE me to switch permanently to DW?  'cause losing my inbox messages is killing my warm and fuzzy Christmas mood.
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Ugh! Sorry! That sucks dead bears!

Maybe you should switch to email notifications.

I did have that for a while but then my inbox just got too full and it felt overwhelming with everything else also coming in, but it's a thought.

Things have sorted themselves out just as kwritten said below that it did for their's *whew*.

I think I need to start posting first on DW and letting things crosspost, although that doesn't solve the inbox problem in future; but I notice LJ has gone down several times this week anyway.
Just wait. Mine did the same thing. I left them alone. And an hour or so later they popped back into my inbox like normal.

Moral: don't delete, just wait for it to bounce back.
lesson DEFINTELY learned. (Argh) I assumed it was a bunch of spam at first, but everything is back to normal this morning thank goodness. And I think I remember at least some of the responses I deleted.
cgi/bin is generally a directory on a server containing scripts or programs that do vital things. So my guess is that whatever script normally emails you a copy of posts or comments is not working correctly for some reason, and this translates roughly to "We are sending you this error message in lieu of the post/comment/reply text you should be getting."
That makes sense (even to me, and I know a lot less about 'puters and software than you do, obviously) You explain things very well (do you do any teaching, formally or informally? Because you're quite good at breaking things down so I understand.)

As I mentioned to kwritten upthread things are ok now so I'll be more careful in future about deleting.

Is it normal for LJ to go down a lot at this time of year? I suppose with kids on holiday it would be getting more traffic, because it's conked out several times this week.
I suspect it's more to do with all the back end changes they're making lately. They seem to be breaking a lot of stuff either accidentally or on purpose.
Speak of the devil, there's another "you may be encountering errors" message at the top of my Lj page *sigh* And I noticed that one time when I started a post and DW and checked the cross-post box, it wasn't able to do so because LJ was down. *another sigh*
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No I won't yet - I have a larger flist here, for one thing - but I may start originating my posts at DW and then I have them set to cross over automatically. We'll see how that goes.