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Happy Birthday Spikesredqueen!

Since today is spikesredqueen's actual birthday and I am actually NOT belated, for once, AND I've never made Willow/Faith * fantart, I thought I'd take a crack at something for her. Happy birthday Marie!

I've got the Power (Willow, Faith, 2015) Click for full-size image

*(whats the smushname for that pairing? Fillow? Fallow? Waith? Wiith?)
What a fantabulous present! She is going to adore a gift of superb art from you!

Thank you sweetie! SRQ is a super-cool lady. :D

I hope to do more Willow/Faith art in future, I know some really cool stories with that pairing.
Thanks so, so much!!!!!!!!!! I so love this banner! I think you did a marvelous job, and you know I love Faith and Willow!

Sorry for being late with commenting! *hugs*

And I've always called the pairing Fillow, I don't know why I just have lol
"Fillow" works for me! :D :D I'm so glad you like this.

You are very welcome Marie, and no worries! I know life has been rough on you this past year. I hope it gets better, and soon.