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Sister Bonding Via Road Trip: Art for "Show You the World" by Aliceinkinkland (Buffy, Dawn)

Poster for aliceinkinkland's "Show You the World" for buffy_genfic Round One "Buffy's Stuff  (2015), inspired by baphrosia's prompt: Joyce’s Jeep, a road trip, car trouble, and muggle hitchhikers, and didn’t want vamp!Buffy or angst without some measure of hope.
[Because I don’t introduce you to enough things that want to murder you]

Unlike velvetwhip and baphrosia's stories this round, I didn't read Alice's story until yesterday when she posted it to the comm but I knew as soon as I read it that I'd want to make artwork for it. Summers sister bonding is my jam. Call it corny and nonsensical but I loved it when Buffy and Dawn fought side by side in Grave; when S7 began I was looking forward to more Summers Sister screentime and the season started promisingly enough in Lessons but Dawn was soon shunted off to the side. Alas.
For once there are no alt versions (fancy that) because the final product turned out pretty much the way I envisioned it. I knew I wanted an open road in the daytime, with "Joyce's jeep" seen in the distance, lines from a map fading as they melted into the sky, and the "ghost images" of Buffy and Dawn above. I wanted this to be different to my two previous posters, for "Who's That Girl" and "Come Out Come Out"; something light, fun, reminiscent of a movie poster.

For once I used a stock image for the road instead of one of my own photos; but I did photograph a close-up of a map I have at home and expanded it over the base image. I couldn't find a map of the west coast in my house so I pulled out one of...South Carolina. I gave it a warm, golden tonality to try to evoke the look of the open road to Sunnydale in Becoming and Chosen. There are no images of Joyce's jeep at a distance on a desert road or highway; the jeep here is one I digitally masked from a separate stock photograph and layered here. I made sure to feather the edges of the mask so that there would be some shadows from the jeep on the road itself; I think it looks fairly convincing.. Warm-tone filters give the entire poster a sunny but also slightly faded look.

The image of Dawn in Help is from Leave Me the White; the cap of Buffy in Him is from the sadly-defunct Broken Screencaps. Finding images of the girls that conveyed the right tone, especially Dawn, was the hardest part of the projects. The story takes place during the summer between S6 - 7, and possesses a lovely sense of humor and whimsy interlaced with heartbreakingly rendered observations about the trauma Buffy and Dawn are trying to push through and get over with the help of no one but themselves and each other to rely on.
The image of Dawn isn't perfect perhaps but it had the advantage of not being a well-known image (Help is an underrated episode IMO but then the entire first half of S7 is highly underrated) and I prefer to work with lesser-known caps when I can. Plus she's smiling, god love her and you can actually tell that yes, her eyes are blue. The image of Buffy from Him is probably better known simply by virtue of the sunglasses she wears. But I simply liked that image of her and I loved the breezy California-girl sophistication.

Thank you kwritten for hosting this commuity dedicated to gen fics for us to enjoy! Check out the masterlist of fics for this round here.  Sign ups for Round Two for Willow Rosenberg will begin August 15th, until then, the next four days are a "free for all" period for more fics and artwork dedicated to the Round One theme. Also check out Kelsey's opinion poll.
Thank you Felicia! I hope to continually improve and this round was really an excellent crash course in doing artwork for three very different (all excellent) stories in a short period of time.
This is a superlative banner! You truly caught the nuances of this tale! Brava!

That's a great banner, I love it. I haven't read the story, but I feel like doing it just from looking at the banner. It's very Thelma & Louise, I just hope the story has a happier ending!
Oh I wasn't even thinking of T&L! (one of my all-time favorite movies btw, I have such happy memories of seeing it at the theater with my friends) But you're right, the movie poster does use a western landscape (and T&L are superimposed in a frame - ooh, I should have done that with Buffy and Dawn here, darn it!)

But yes, DO read the story, you really must. I don't like to hand out spoilers but you will be pleased.
I have such happy memories of seeing it at the theater with my friends

So do I! And I wasn't consciously thinking of the movie poster, just the general vibe.

I have read the story now and you were right, I'm very happy that I did!
Still it's a good catch - I may well have had it on my mind unconsciously as well. (Like, when I made the alt versions of the Come out, Come Out posters for Spuffy_lvr's fic, I stepped back and realized it reminded me of book covers and movie posters from the late 1960's, early 1970's. I've got so many bits of material stuck away in the crannies of my brain I never really know what specifically influences any given artwork.)

So do I!

God I LOVE that movie. My mom and my film professor hated it. That might have made me love it more. but I have the anniversary DVD and time hasn't made it any less vivid for me. *lol*

I saw it at the old movie theater in downtown Ann Arbor Michigan, a theater that dated back to the 1920's and had a balcony and had a restored theater organ; it was just a few months before I graduated from college and around the same time I was "coming out" as a lesbian. (which seems like such a creaky, old-fashioned phrase now, and isn't that something?)

I have read the story now and you were right, I'm very happy that I did!

I saw your review and thank you for name-checking me in it, that was very thoughtful! And yes, it's truly a wonderful story by a talented writer, I'm looking forward to seeing lots more from her. She explores areas that I don't often (if ever) see other writers do. Have you checked out her stuff on A03 yet?

BTW - That Dawn icon is GORGEOUS - maybe one of teragramm's prettiest ever? Which is saying something.
I'm way behind on my fic reading, but I definitely look forward to reading more by this author! May take a while until I get around to it though.

And yes, it is a truly lovely icon isn't it.
it is a truly lovely icon isn't it.

It is indeed! I noticed that it's among the nominees for best icon at the Wicked awards and deservedly so.
Ok, My memory = sieve. I'll have to check again, I know two of her's were nommed. (But where does someone even start with "best icons"? I nominated some last year but it's a really stumper. Harder I think for me than best banners or wallpapers because therea are soooo many icons out there - and teragramm has made some truly lovely ones.)

I hope I'm not too late to nominate stuff tomorrow (Monday); I haven't had a chance to do so yet.
Nominations are accepted until 31 August, so you still have plenty of time. And I agree with you about the nominating for icons problem. It's much too difficult to pick just two. (I was going to nominate some of her icons, but she already had two in there so I couldn't.)
(I was going to nominate some of her icons, but she already had two in there so I couldn't.)

I feel your pain - I was going to nominate comlodge's Fool For Love pic spam series from Seasonal Spuffy but she also had two nods in that category already. Most of the nominations I wanted to make right off the bat had already been covered by other folks. Which is a good thing - the "good stuff" is getting recognized, it just makes it harder on my end!

I've nearly forgotten that it's also time for the SunnyD Awards again too.
I really love your explanation behind why each piece of the artwork was chosen.
Your really did a great job capturing the feel of the story.
Thank you sweetheart!

I'm glad you enjoy my talking because clearly, I enjoy sharing the process though I'm not an expert by any means!

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It's absolutely amazing, and it perfectly fits the story!
Very nice! It's so hard to believe that a few short years ago you were new to icon and banner making. You've come a long way baby. ~_^
Thank you!

I made Moulin Rouge icons years ago but not banners - and more to the point, a year ago last June (2014) I had no idea what layers, textures, brushes and blends were. That date is set in my head because that was when I entered round 1 of btvsats20in20 and I had to ask comlodge and bangel_4e what those terms even meant.

So yeah, I have come a long way! I keep saying "mastering photoshop elements is next" and one of these days I'll actually mean it.

(It's funny my sweetie can edit photos of her paintings in full Photoshop CS4 on her laptop but complained that layers are too hard for her to understand. We each have different areas of expertise - which means in theory we should balance and compliment one another but in reality just seems to lead to mutual frustration. And that was more than you needed to know about my homelife *lol*....)
My bosses wife is excellent at editing photos but filters and textures baffle her, so I totally understand you and your sweetie having different areas of expertise.

which means in theory we should balance and compliment one another but in reality just seems to lead to mutual frustration. Hee! That sound a lot like me and hubby. On a good day we do compliment each other but some days, I just want to strangle him. ~_^
On a good day we do compliment each other but some days, I just want to strangle him. ~_^

Oh thank goodness it's not just me!

There's something comforting in that - I'm not alone - but also disturbing, you know? Like just accept that relationships are messy and difficult and maybe we can avoid needing to call the police - or something *lol*