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My banners plus extras for btvsats20in20

Thank you again to everyone who voted for my icons in Round 10 of btvsats20in20!  My banners, a bit belatedly, with many thanks to
my wonderful betas tempertemper and velvetwhip for their thoughtful and generous feedback on both the banners and the icons:
Click images to see full-size:
Rd10finalRSDbannercharacters1.png   Rd10finalRSDbannercharacters2.png   Rd10finalRSDbannerthemes.png
Congratulations to winners sweet_lyri, tempertemper, killing_kurare, teragramm, snogged and spikesredqueen! Check out their winning icons and awards banners in the thread here.

As with the banners I made for the last round of slayerstillness, the base image is a photograph I took of daylilies at a local bank while waiting in line at the drive-through. I originally was going to do a fancier image with light effects and literally "gild the lily", until I came to my senses and realized simple was best. I love the summertime feel of the image, and how the colors coordinate suprisingly well with so many of the icons.

It should be noted that I all but threw multiple alts of the Faith and Joyce icons in velvetwhip's lap and she, being the superb Muse that she is, singled out the versions I submitted. Take a look (NWS warning for one tiny icon of Darla's cleavage)


I loved making the Faith and Dru icons this round - they were so much fun to make.  (Admitedly, I have a weird sense of "fun".)

1 - 7

8 -14

  15 -21



Speaking of winning icons and banners, congratulations to the winners of whedon_elite Challenge 122 "Bright and Shiny" : teragramm, sweet_lyri and double_dutchess in her first go at WE correction: her first time competing in any icontest! Congratulations on the splendid icons ! And THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my icons and honored my Buffy icon with a Best Crop award! :D  Awards banners to come shortly, stay tuned!
Brilliant work, as you surely know, and so deserving of the wins! The alts are fabulous too! You excel at creating icons with real meaning! (I still can't say enough about the nobility of that Kendra icon!) Bravissima! Thank you for the honour of being your muse!

You excel at creating icons with real meaning!

Sweetheart that is the BEST compliment - but it's entirely true that you've encouraged me to think of meanings and helped me to get better and better, so that any time I make icons (or banners) that's one my mind: WWGT? (What would Gabrielle Think?) *lol*

Thank you for being my Muse! I am a very lucky lady in that regard,

I still can't say enough about the nobility of that Kendra icon!

Thank you, I'm still thrilled with how that one came out too - it's one of my favorites.
Love your banners! And icons 31 and 32 are so beautiful! I love close crops (And, of course, Giles with his cup of tea XD)
Thanks for showing me those! Aaaaaw, Giles and the tea: OTP! (I especially like the tiny!Giles one. He's just the cutest boy)
Little Giles in the comics does look an awful lot like the love child of Harry Potter and William Pratt (pre-Spike) doesn't he? (You were right about the Giles - William resemblance - by both Levins and Isaacs - but I don't think it's intentional.)

Giles and the tea: OTP!

It's probably the only deeply satisfying and lasting relationship he's ever had, poor Giles. Tea is always there when you need it.

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Yes XDDD I've always thought he was looking incredibly like human William, especially for the curls and the glasses! Maybe they were going for a Harry Potter vibe too because now he's apparently a skilled wizard.

"Yer a wizard, Rupert!" XD
So many wonderful icons, but I particularly love all your framed Faith ones! My favourites of the alts are #4 (for its nostalgic quality, like an oldfashioned postcard) and #7 (for the way the celtic knots mirror her curls). And of course, I approve of any icons featuring Giles and tea :-)

Many thanks for the congratulations -- and for voiting for one of my icons, even if it wasn't the winning one. This was not just my first time having a go at WE, but at any icon contest, so it's great (and very motivating) to have won an award at first try! I can't wait to see my banner.
I nabbed one of the Fred's-bloody-hand ones. Great work.
Thank you, I'm very flattered! Fred was a hard one to do because I wanted to do something very different to what everyone else had done, and tried to stay away from the hairporn.