Buffy IWRY golden glow RSD


* Vote NOW at whedon_elite  Challenge 122 "Bright and Shiny" for your top 3 icons plus best color and crop out of 19 lovelies.

Challenge 123 "Faith" already has 10 lovely entries by teragramm, emmatheslayer and everythingshiny to enjoy; deadline for the latest challenge is August 9th, 3pm EST.

* Don't forget that the deadline for slayerstillness Challenge 49 "White Decoration" is this Friday the 31st, midnight at your time zone.
I saw that, thank you!

I think part of the challenge with these comms and voting on LJ is that the voting post gets pushed back for the latest posts (and in this case, three people have already entered Faith icons. I guess she must be popular.)

(And my what a pretty userpic you have my dear. I'm kind of - no really - surprised how well it still works even in a size tiny.)
Looks like a tough round at whedon_elite. Good luck to all who participated.