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And I have been remiss:

Belated congratulations to the winners of btvsats20in20 Round 10, slayerstillness Challenge 48!  And awoefully belated THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my icons in both contests.

Banners will be forthcoming shortly for the winners of 20in20: killing_kurare, snogged, spikesredqueen, sweet_lyri, tempertemper, and teragramm, with further apologies for the delay.


[Here be icons.....]

I didn't seem to realize until after I jumped in the task that this round consisted of 2 sets of 20, ergo 40 awards to be given out. And this just happens to be the round where everyone actually, finally, requested banners. (I could never understand why in previous rounds one, maybe two people would request banners. It's comforting to know I'm not the only banner hussy in the neighborhood anymore.)

So how did I do this round?  Better than I'd realized! Two winning theme icon:Power (Tara), and Last Scene (Lorne); and six character icons: Faith, Joyce, Oz, Anya, Kendra, and Lorne. Kudos as always go to velvetwhip for being an incredible, indispensible Muse. There are times when I resist her advice or think, "But I like this one better..." and realize after the fact that no, she was right the first time, and if I've got half a brain I'll pay attention.

     1 - 5

  6 -7

My favorites of my set that didn't win this time? Probably Willow, Angel, Cordy, Giles and Drusilla. If Lorne has been my lucky charm this past month, Drusilla has been my newest obsession. Speaking of Dru.....

While I've been delayed with the Round 10 banners, the banners for Challenge 48 proved a bit easier to do. Congratulations to sweet_lyri, teragramm and debris4spike, who has returned after an extended absence and has been missed; and thank you to everyone who voted my Anya and Drusilla icons second place and most creative!


feliciacraft mentioned to me the other day the dearth of pretty Anya icons, so I hope she finds this one to her liking:
[More banners and icons in gallery #2]

SS48_2ndplacebannerRSD2015.png           SS48_mostcreativebanner_RSD2015.png

      8 -12
The Anya icon was probably the simplest icon of this set - the image was already so pretty it was just a matter of gilding the lily. The Dru icon was inspired by a conversation I had with double_dutchess the other day about how the star texture by whitebamboo in one of my IWRY alts for the last SS challenge looked like a "crown of thorns". The main image in the banners is a photo I took the other day; bright orange liliies seem very "summery" to me, and I thought that the colors would go nicely with the winning icons. Artwork by yours truly.


You know the drill, Baby Jane:
~ Take what you like for personal use but please credit if used :)
~ No hotlinking!
~ Comments are appreciated :)
I don't know if I've mentioned this recently, but your icons are absolutely stunning.
Why thank you ma'am! Please feel free to mention it as many times as you wish!

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I practically need sunglasses to shield me from the awesome shininess. :)
Beautiful icons!

The Lorne icon breaks my heart, I still can't watch that scene without tearing up.
Thank you so much!

I think the Lorne icon I made after this one for whedon_elite is ever better

But I cried making both of them. I cried reading his dialogue in NFA on the Buffy wiki - and full disclosure, I haven't watched the ep. I haven't even watched a full episode with Lorne in it, much less the entire series. The fact that something like this can make me cry just reading about it is one of the reasons why I haven't watched the series yet.

Which is to say, I'm incredibly honored that this icon moves you.
Congratulations!!!!! Well-deserved wins absolutely!!!!! I am so proud of you! Your work just keeps rising to the skies!

Oh gosh thank you so much sweetheart! I simply could not do it without my magnificent beta-Muse in my corner. :D
Vice versa, believe me. I posted the Buffy and Tara friendship fic today (it's now called Who's That Girl) and I can't thank you enough for all your help/advice/channeling-of-Buffy!

i saw it in my inbox! Hurrah for you for taking the plunge! (And for your careful attention to Buffy /Tara friendship and to Buffy herself in all her terrible and wonderful aspects; I daresay no one appreciates it more than I do. )

That title could be the title of the entire series, couldn't it?

I have many more thoughts btw about the story, hence my not having reviewed yet (also I'm making gazpaucho for dinner and holy smokes it is time consuming to prepare and get it right.)

As always, I really enjoy seeing the alternative versions next to the submitted ones. Of your Slayerstillnes ones, I really like the Drusilla and the second Oz one where you can actually see his stream of thoughts. (I think it's really effective that you just cut them off, showing that so much more is going on there.)
Thank you sweetie!

I'm really happy with the Dru icons I've done recently, especially because two years ago I couldn't even manage to make one simple one of her I was happy with. (Being able to do layers and blends and ipiccy does make a world of difference.) She's just a fascinating character - canon really doesn't do her justice.

I think it's really effective that you just cut them off, showing that so much more is going on there.

You got what I was going for, yay! The Oz one was fun - he's another character I haven't done icons of before.
Congrats and yay for more Anya icons! You already know that I love #4, but #8 is lovely as well! And Dru in #9 is wonderfully done! I don't know how you got the idea but it totally deserves "most creative"!
Thank you very much!

I hoped you would enjoy the Anya icon! Because you were right the other day, there are very few that emphasize how pretty Emma is.

Very pleased you also like the Dru icon, I've gone from being unable to come up with a single decent one up to a year ago to just loving making icons of her. She's a fantastic, under appreciated character (and oh dear god the trauma that woman suffered.)

Shameless self-promotion: I just posted a bunch of alts from Round 10 of 20in20 - no more Anya icons but some Drusilla, Joyce, Faith, etc.
Your icons look amazing, hunny.
Congratulations on your wins!