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The Buffy Gen-Fic Exchange ROUND 1 POLL IS OPEN!

buffy_genfic ROUND 1 is up and running thanks to the marvelous kwritten for creating space for gen Buffyverse fanfiction to thrive. Click on the Round 1 Poll to select which of four characters will be the central focus this round: Buffy, Willow, Xander of Giles.*

Click image to go directly to buffy_genfic
Vote now if you want to make a selection because  the sign-up sheet will be posted on Friday the 17th - along with information for an art option (!!)  this round. (Sign ups will then close and assignments mailed out on the 20th.) So even if you don't plan on writing - even if you only plan on reading  - participation is of the good. We decide what we want to see and read.

For anyone new to the term, what IS gen-fic? Simply put, fic that doesn't have shipping (sex/romance) as it's focus. This comm is dedicated to all the "other" relationships in the Buffyverse (and the wider Whdeonverse) that are central to the 'verse.

* Given that the 10th annual summer_of_giles Festival is happening right now as well, I'd assume all the Gilesian energy is headed in that direction at the moment. As should you, once you've voted in the gen-fic poll - AND cast your vote for the FINAL btvsats20in20 Round 10 tiebreaker.

I saw your excellent pimpage post and was in awe of how clever and witty you are in just a few words.

(Also I just sent you a prezzie, check your inbox.)
Thank you. I just hope that I help drum up some participation. I want this comm to be a rousing success!

I LOVE MY ICONS!!!! I am using one at Fanfiction.net and one here on LJ as you will see...

I want this comm to be a rousing success!

I think it has a very good chance to grow into something truly marvelous!

It occurs to me that the members of Jossverse drabbles would be the perfect audience to hear about a comm like this, but I've never posted there so not really sure how to get the word out except on my LJ and telling people directly.

And oh, there is one last tiebreaker for round 10 and thank goodness it's not one of mine, everything else has been settled. *whew*
I am so excited about writing a genfic. It's a good exercise for me.

I voted in the tiebreaker.

Also, your pimpage is superlative!