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The Dream She Can't Remember : Icons and Banners for Slayerstillness #47 (IWRY)

It all connects to the dream, the real dream – the one she can’t remember well enough, the one she wishes she could just let go of and forget. She doesn’t know how and she doesn’t know why, but it’s sitting there, salt and bitter on the tip of a tongue that can’t tell the truth to the people who need to hear it…a tongue that rises in songs of bitterness and numbness and a longing for what she left behind – for a place from which she was torn, bleeding from wounds no one but her can see.
Gabrielle's story is my favorite IWRY fiction, ever. The passage above should tell you why. It might also give you an idea as to why I dislike the episode  And yet, I'm fascinated by the notion that the repeated violations of Buffy's mind - Angel taking away one set of memories, the monks inserting another in S5 - contribute to Buffy's mental illness, to her  trauma, depression and grief in later seasons, simply in terms of altering her brain's neurological pathways.

Which is to say that I very nearly didn't make any icons for slayerstillness Challenge 47 - and I'm honestly stunned by the outcome of the round.

Congratulations to muirthemne and tempertemper for their wonderful winning entries this round and THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my icons and thank you also tempertemper for the lovely, swoon-worthy banners! I love the contrasts of "glamour" and grit in these banners; the light leaks and the disintergrating font contrast against one another in much the same way the chain-link fence sets off the dolled-up Sarah. (And kudos to you for signing your work, babe!)

    ss47banner02byTT2015.png   ss47bannerbestcropbyTT2015.png

    ss47bannerbestcolorbyTT2015.png     ss47bannermostcreativebyTT2015.png

    1 - 4
      5 - 7

         8 - 12
My personal favorite is #5, and it was very close to being an entry instead of #1.

I really wanted to make at least one icon of he Oracles, because I think they look like rejects from a high school production of "Satyricon: The Musical!" I'm sort of disappointed with myself that I didn't but I wasn't inspired by any of the screencaps of them I looked at.

I honestly thought the awards would be pretty evenly spread out this round because there were so many lovely ones to choose from. I assumed muirthemne's set didn't dominate. I didn't know who made them - or any of the entries - I just knew they were elegant, autumnal, and suffused with emotion. Her 3rd place Angel icon was my first place choice, and her Mod's Choice and Banner Maker's Choicer wins are well and truly deserved. tempertemper's Cordy lightbulb icon, the other Mod's Choice winner, was my Most Creative choice; any icon that can make me chuckle every time I look at it deserves bonus points.

Don't forget to enter Challenge 48 "Five Faces"; deadline is midnight on Friday the 17th.

Texture Resource Credits:
#1 - colorfilter;
#3, 11 -  whitebamboo;
#5, 9, 10 - lookslikerain;
IWRY Screencaps
from Pretty as a Picture

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  • Winner, Something to Sing About (Best Icon), wicked_awards Round 12, 2015  

Banner by Angelus2hot Oct 2015
Oh my stars! I am so flattered that you quoted my story and recommended it so generously! THANK YOU.

Also, I am so proud of you and I think your work is stunning and completely deserving off every award you received!

*blushes* Oh sweetheart, I hope I always make you proud!

I hope I implied but I probably should have made more clear that your story is an indirect inspiration; it certainly reflects a lot of my thoughts and feelings on the episode's long-term consequences. I tried to reflect some of that in my icons.

And besides that, it's simply a lovely story - and I had actually forgotten it was set in S6! There is simply so much "there, there".

Wow, some of your best icons. The red one that won kicks ass! THE COLORING! (But the one you're now using as default is maybe even better) Faves: 1, 2 and then all the alts from 4 to 8, especially 5 because you just captured SMG's beautifulness. (Her lips look so shiny)
(Her lips look so shiny)

Well that's her lipgloss so I can't take credit for that *lol*

And thank you SO MUCH for the compliments, Kiki! You know I always wonder WWKT?

I just love #5. She's the sun, a lioness, a golden goddess of angst, so bright she burns. (Can I add any more sappy metaphors to the pile?) So happy with how that turned out, but Sarah's expressions that episode are amazing.

I surprised myself not going tearful, but some of the caps for that episode are almost too painful to even look at.

Congratulations on your wins!
Those banners are so beautiful. :)

I also really love that quote and that story. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you sweetheart!

And yes, velvetwhip's story is ASTONISHING, isn't it? (The person who ships neither Bangel nor Spuffy writes THE best damn IWRY/S6 parallel story imaginable. Exhibit A for "outside perspective".)
I think I already told you that I simply adore #1. Of your alts, my favourite is #11; I like that it looks as if Buffy is wearing a crown of thorns.
You probably did but I don't mind hearing it again. *HUGS*

wearing a crown of thorns.

That was definitely what I was going for with that!

FYI - I suggested to starry night that the comics be the challenge for a future round because I was looking at the S10 comics the other day as well as some earlier ones and I SO want to make some comics icons now. Especially the S10 Spuffy. SO CUTE!

I SO want to make some comics icons now. Especially the S10 Spuffy. SO CUTE!

Oh yeah, I know I really enjoyed making mine. I hope the challenge goes through; I'd be interested to see what you make of them!

Edited at 2015-07-17 12:38 am (UTC)
I'll have to learn how to remove some of the weird contour lines from characters' noses (and this is true with both Levin and Isaacs.)

I can really see how you've improved the artwork now that I've read 3 - 4 issues.

I think I do prefer Levin's Buffy - she's so cute; Isaac's Buffy sometimes looks a little glasy-eyed to me. But her young Giles is adorable (Kikimay said he looked like William and - she's not wrong, young Giles does look like William. Coincidence?)