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So guess who wrote a LONG post promoting Slayerstillness & btvsats20in20 and it GOT DELETED?

                                                                                           I hate when that happens.
[WE HAVE THINGS TO DISCUSS, KIDS]Yup, that would be me. I don't know why. Started it yesterday, almost had it finished: rocking the vote, promoting art comms, and plenty of my icons, entries, alts and extras plus links AND a mini-meta about Drusilla. It was a thing of beauty. kikimay would have been proud of me.

ANYHOO - GO VOTE. Like, right away for slayerstillness Challenge 47 because the deadline is midnight tonight Tuesday July7. I won'y lie to you - I had a hellavua time voting because the entries are so much of a piece with one another in terms of quality, etc. This happens a lot at SS - the icons look terrific together. But maybe y'all are more decisive than I am. If it were up to me there'd be no voting, just showing off and sharing. Ergo nothing would get done because competitions - and deadlines - are great motivators.

And GO VOTE in btvsats20in20 Round 10 Characters AND Themes. Make sure you click all 10 choices in each post. Because it's fun, because the artwork is lovely to look at and deserves all kinds of love; because there's only 21-22 votes cast in both polls and I think we can top it off at a record 30 (color me ambitious). And, because I said so. What the heck, if you're staring at my post right now you either have nothing better to do, or you have a great many things to do but are avoiding, so you might as well spend your time wisely. Deadline is Thursday July 9th.

And finally, I was let go from my job a week ago Monday - sloppily, shabbily and unprofessionally, I might add - and I'm not exactly reeling still but I'm trying to deal. It was unfair and utterly stupid. I'm trying not to let the rage and depression get to me. Being able to pay bills and rent again - on time - was super-duper. Damn it. I'm gonna miss that. And I miss some people I didn't get a chance to say good-bye to.

Not that I'm trying to arose your sympathy or anything but damn it.....
I really hate when that happens.
- (Anonymous)
I'm so sorry sweetheart; WHY do employers treat people like trash, like we're worthless?

Work is just the schoolyard all over again, same power trips but with money involved.

If you have contact info, why not call them for a goodbye lunch meeting?

We actually had dinner the other day with one of the therapists the other day; but the people I was referring to are some of the residents of the residents of the nursing home, particularly the dementia ward where I was assigned.

Quite a few of the people I worked with have already left or been fired. That place is turning into a hellhole and great plan, get rid of all the people who actually give a shit.

No I'm not bitter...
I am so sorry to hear that you lost your job. That sucks!
*hugs you tight*

It does indeed, sweetie. I hate to say on one level I don't miss it (the stress, the anxiety, the lack of support, etc); but I feel like I'm tired of constantly having to "reinvent" myself and go through this all over again.

I don't know if I can work in a nursing home again - I'm not sure I can go to another job where I give so much of myself emotionally and go through the wringer again.
Ugh, I know how you feel on posts getting deleted like that. Sorry that it happened to you! I will go vote at Slayerstillness right now! I have voted at btvsats20in20, geez was this a difficult round to vote for! Sorry that you were also let go from your job last week. *hugs*
Yep, it's a bitch isn't it? Even if I haven't written much of anything ,all those links and pictures (and I had written a good bit of commentary in this one. It is to weep. Not on par with income loss, but still.)

Thank you for the support and good wishes, dear!

20in20 was very hard to vote in. And I found SS damn near impossible (again).
:( Well, that sucks. Hopefully you'll find something as good or better soon.
Thank you so much Barb for the support! i know your life has not exactly been hugs and puppies lately.

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I'm sorry about the post, but much more sorry about the job loss. That sucks so damned much.

I voted for the characters and themes icontests.
Thank you on all counts!

I know voting and icons seems like such a small thing in the midst of job loss but it's keeping me weirdly sane (for whatever that's worth.)

You know how I feel about every bit of this, but here are more hugs, because - HUGS!

Thank you so much Gabrielle - lots of hugs are a thing I will never refuse! Your support has meant so much to me.

Here to add my voice to the chorus of sympathy. /o\ I hope the next one treats you better.
Thank you sweetie! I hope so too, although i dare say I've gotten so accustomed to being kicked in the ass I wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't.
So sorry about the job! That really sucked and I think it's fair to be angry and sad for a time after that. Allow yourself to embrace negative emotions because sometimes it's just the thing to do. But I really hope you'll find a better opportunity and maybe it will get better? Let's hope that. *sends positive vibes*

Also wtf LJ?

Thank you sweetheart - I'm more numb right now than anything, I think. I'll take all the positive vibes you can send me.

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your job, and in a really crappy way too. I hope a better one will come along soon. In the mean time, taking your mind off things by icon making and other fandom activities sounds like a good idea -- you deserve some consolation. (Of course, your post getting eaten by LJ won't exactly have helped to make you feel better...)
Awwwww, I'm so sorry about it all. I love that you said icons keep you weirdly same. Because I get that. Even though you got treated like crap, know that you did a wonderful thing by helping people at a nursing home.
Thank you sweetheart!

You know one of the things that hurts most? Being told I couldnt return to the building and no't getting to say good-bye to some of the residents there. One man was gay and he trusted me because I was open about my orientation, so I used to bring him newspapers and magazines from the city. There were certain people I interacted with quite a bit, and one woman in particular was very dear to me, and she had no family that I knew of so I made myself her family.

Everyone tells me you're not supposed to care that much, but that's who I am.

I supposed they won't remember me, what with having dementia, but I think I gave them something while I was there, a sense that someone cared.
So sorry about your job hon. That totally sucks :(

And I hear you on the LJ part - happened to me a bit earlier when I went to post at my charmed comm.
Thank you sweetheart. "Suck" is putting it kindly.

happened to me a bit earlier

So maybe not just me after all? Because I should have been able to find the draft and finish working.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your job. That sucks. Keeping my fingers crossed that something better will come along.

I'm glad you're finding some comfort with fandom and art. I know that writing and reading fic did the same for me when I was going through some really awful stuff last year.
*nods* It seems I was in a similar situation a year ago, actually, and being here on LJ and making art (and making friends) helped then, too. Without this outlet I'd go a little insane I'm sure. (or I might get out of the house more - double edged sword.)

thank you for the good wishes - I hope things are going better for you this year compared to last?
Things are better this year, thanks for asking. Last year my dad was dying of cancer. Grief is no picnic, but at least I know that he's not suffering any more.

The last few weeks were at a hospice, and I really felt for the sick people there who had no one. I think it's a wonderful thing you did for the people at the dementia ward who didn't have anyone. I'm sorry your bosses didn't care about that.
Ugh, that sucks! I've been there and it's so infuriating and stressful.
Thank you for the empathy and sympathy, dear! Yes it is very stressful losing a job - which btw was stressful enough on it's own, so I feel sort of rubbed raw right now.