Summers Family Portrait S5 RSD

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Remember that each post has 20 choices for you to make. You will in essence be voting on each icon twice (or not, as the case may be.) Last round we had four participants, this time it's eight. (Count 'em! Eight!) Last round I also waited until the last minute to really and truly promote it which is inexplicable (and inexcusable) given the amount of time and care that goes into making the entries. This round, I intended to promote early and often.

Also inexcusable and inexplicable? I never showed off the lovely awards banners starry_night made for me, nor did I properly thank her and everyone who came out to vote in Round 9. So herewith, the banners (click to view full-size):

  Banner by starry_night May 2015   Banner by starry_night May 2015
starry_night knows what I like, and I love the Summers women, oh I do indeed. These banners are so pretty, soft and feminine; you'd never know that the context of both of these is sacrifice, death and grief.  More images after the cut:


In terms of Joyce especially this was a "transitional" round for me. Up to this point I'd not done any icons of Joyce alive successfully, only as a body, a ghost, an absence; even if she was alive, her face was out of the frame (6-10 below from Round 5.) I made one last try at the "Buffy & her dead mother" theme ("Shocking") but also two of Joyce from Blood Ties (Category 1 & AC1): alive, warm, a bit careworn and worried for her daughters. I've been wanting to for ages, inspired by debris4spike's Joyce icons that captured her elegance and beauty; but I couldn't quite "grasp" her somehow, not until this round.

Banner by starry_night May 2015     Banner by starry_night May 2015

Banner by starry_night May 2015   Banner by starry_night May 2015

Banner by starry_night May 2015   Banner by starry_night May 2015

I really hesitated about the "Shocking" icon. iconsoleander did such beautiful, heartrending iconsfor The Gift (particularly her Category set) in Round 2 last July and I still had those in mind as examples I couldn't hope to improve upon. But I also had in mind the Buffy & (dead) Joyce icons I made for Challenge 37 of slayerstillness back in December (1-5). As I recall I was mourning a friend here on LJ who I thought had died 0 then discovered they hadn't, setting off another round of mourning of a different sort.

  1 - 6

  7 - 12

I think I may prefer the SS ones aesthetically, but I've gotten this award and more to the point, I'm making icons of Joyce as a living person, I'm reading velvetwhip's gorgeous Answering Prayers, and I am done - for a while at least - the "dead Joyce" theme.

I also hesitated about the Drusilla one for very different reasons. One of course is the very disturbing, phallic imagery, but also the layers of victimhood that form the subtext of this icon. This image captures, to my mind, a lot of the sickness and depravity that Dru has been both a victim and perpetrator of.Vampires are victims, are violated - with the possible exception of Ford in Lie to Me, what vampire in the Buffyverse "agreed" to be killed and turned with anything approaching full knowledge and consent? And Drusilla, sadly, was the one most horribly victimized of the  Buffyverse "Fang Gang"; in this shot the tables are turned and she is a victimizer, licking the blood of the dead Slayer Xin Rong off of Spike's finger - and so death, violation, perverse sexuality are interwoven and repeated from person to person, from generation to generation.
"Best Love" was perhaps the biggest surprise of all the ones I won here because it was the simplest Icon I made, the one that had no special effects and I said, oh well, it's not great but it's something, throw it in. No one will look at it. (There's at least one of those in every single round, at least for me. Anyone else?)

Banners by starry_night, do not steal, deface, claim as your own, repost to or any other archives/sites without express permisson of the artist.
I know you already know how I feel, but I'm saying it again: You deserved those wins! Because your work is fabulous and just keeps getting better and better and better!!!!!

Oh gosh dear, I never tire of hearing you say it because I trust you to speak truly from the heart! And you know that you really have been an amazing Muse to have in my corner. Every artist should be so fortunate.
You absolutely deserved those wins. You are a fantastic artist and I thank you for convincing me to give 20in20 another shot. :)
Thank you m'lady! I'm honored that I convinced you to come back and I hope you continue participating whenever possible! (next round is back to the usual single claim sets and I'm actually looking forward to that. Will seem like a piece of cake after this round!)
Thank you again for all your promotional work hon <3
And congrats again, you absolutely deserved your wins! And it's been a while since I made banners with the characters so I'm thrilled you like how they turned out :)
Thank you! *blushes*

And I do like them very much - sorry it took me so long to show them off properly. (Actually I still haven't shown off the ones you made me for SS 37. Woefully behind on many things.)

Speaking of , I just submitted icons for Challenge 47, hope they're not too late.
You're very welcome :)

And that's totally fine. I haven't started pulling the voting post together yet so it's all good :)