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These Are A Few of My Fanart Resources

This post will be updated frequently.  I'm including some examples when possible because a picture is worth a thousand words.

UPDATED 05 July 2016:
[Links, pretty pictures, and more!]

colorfilter - Their big 40 pack of icon textures (download link at Facebook here) is still the one I use most often and I haven't begun to scratch the surface of the hundreds of textures within. Also check out the pack of larger 800x600 textures. You can also find the sets posted individually on their journal. I've posted a few more examples of my icons using these textures in the comment thread here.



texturize - (Many thanks toteragramm for rec'ing this community) One-stop shopping for anyone interested in creating and sharing textures. Be sure to read the comm's very informative "Bible" (guidelines) before posting or snagging. Most of the artists post links back to their graphics journals or to Deviant Art.

lookslikerain at soaked. I've used more of their textures than anyone's except colorfilter's:

      icon for fanfic Ipseity by spuffy luvr 2015     15-20



jordannamorgan at wolfbane_icons


scoobyatemysnax at burnedbreads - includes tutorials.  A tremendous variety of textures including soft glow, grunge, frames, abstract and geometric patterns in any one given set. I like their medium (300pixels) square textures for icons.

      25 - 30

 * broken_places The graphics journal of akilah92

* Evey-V at DeviantArt I like Ericka's soft, painterly, abstract textures, gradients, and text brushes:

consequences0128icon1.3e.png 31

 * sweetiepebbles Gallery of icon textures and bases at DeviantArt
 * Yeonseb at DeviantArt Vast supply of textures and application resources
 * spiritcoda - creativehangout is their LJ graphics gallery, or check out their DA gallery; some exceptionally pretty textures

 * FRAMEs & BORDERs for use - Flickr image sharing group
 * Your Picture Frames - Most of the icon frames in my awards banners come from this site.
 * Victorian Frame Company - Mostly HQ photos of antique-style wood frames with carved detail, includes unusual shapes such as rounds, oblongs and hearts:

  32 - 33

SCREENCAPS for Buffyverse
slayerstillness has a list of Screencap Resources for BtVS and AtS, including all the ones I use most frequently; if you know of
any not on the list, send the links to starry_night. Some of my favorites from the list:

  * Pretty as a Picture complete screencaps for BtVS and AtS plus promo photos for Buf (ETA: 12/21/15 site currently defunct)

  * Bloodqueen has all seven seasons of BtVS complete, is one of my primary sources

  * Leave Me the White by _jems_  Spuffy-centric so no S1 or S3 caps and the remaining seasons are incomplete; but some of the best quality
     caps of the series I've found. (S2 is the most complete with 14 episodes capped.) Includes Dailies for Smashed and Dead Things.
     S7 is spread out over three albums including two Miscellaneous albums.

 * Buffy in HD ON Facebook Fan analysis of the problems with Fox's recent "HD remaster", galleries of screencaps, edits, comparisons

 * Shadow of Reflection also has all seven seasons; quality if variable. The early seasons caps compare favorably with
     Bloodqueen's; the later seasons are strangely distorted.

 * WiP; S1-2 of BtVS are complete; plus one file of promo shots from S1 and the screencaps for Bargaining.
     Appears to be using a new cleaned-up source for it's caps (the so-called "high deflnition" version.) Has a lot of screenshots that
     may not exist elsewhere, but can appear slightly compressed or distorted.

  * The Chosen Two Gallery high-quality promotional and marketing images and magazine shoots of all the major and most of the
     minor characters/actors in BtVS, AtS and Firefly.

  * Kiss Them Goodbye Seasons 1 - 2 complete, partial season 3; also appears to be working off newer DVD's or Blu-ray sources but
      the images tend to be more pixilated than other sources.

  * promo-pictures on tumblr  

  * Buffy Universe and Angel DVD caps

Individual Cast Members Fansite Galleries:
   * Sarah Michelle Gellar France - What it says on the tin. One of my favorite fansite galleries for all things SMG and constantly
     updated. Photoshoot albums sometimes identify the magazine and the original photographer.
   * Glamorous SMG - online since 2003, another fairly comprehensive source.
   * Captivating SMG - relatively new (since 2013), it divides the Photoshoot section by years, which few sites do. Galleries for Sarah's other tv
     series still incomplete or empty as of this writing.

   *Marc Blucas Source
  * Michelle Trachenberg Web

For other fandoms:
  * All movie/tv caps on Leave Me The White. Extensive collection including Grease, Amelie, Dangerous Liasons, Terminator; Parks & Rec, Veronica Mars etc.
  * Genre Caps HQ screencaps for several fantasy series: Jessica Jones and other Marvel series, Doctor Who (New Who); OUAT, Outlander, etc

* The British Library offers over one million royalty-free digitized images from their vast archives going back to the 17th century.
* The Brooklyn Museum of Art happens to be one of the best art museums I've ever visited. If I had to choose between a visit here
   and the Met, go to Brooklyn. In the meantime, their online collection has a stunning array of images.
* The New York Public Library Digital Collections Thank you petzipellepingo for the heads-up!
* The Graphics Fairy and the Background Fairy - the wonderful team at Graphics Fairy provide thousands of free large HQ images
   adapted from antique and vintage greeting cards, labels, valentines cards and assorted emphemera, DIY tutorials, craft projects,
 * morgueFile
 * StevenJamesMorris at DeviantArt

 * good_tutorial What it says on the tin. The last post was 2013 but still plenty of useful information

Thank you sweetheart! It was fun to pull these together and see that there really are some common elements to my style. (or maybe I have two styles - the light and bright one, and the grungy one *lol*)
Thanks! I decided to just put it up and I'll keep adding to it rather than waiting forever to get everything together at once.
I love all these icons! You really make excellent use of your resources!

Thank you! I've had these on my hard drive for over a year and I'm just starting to really dig into them and understand how to best use textures. Teragramm has kindly shared more resources with me.
These textures are just wonderful. Funny, but I never thought about looking for textures on face book. There are so many textures in this zip file, it's going to take me a monthe just to look through them. Thanks for sharing your resources.

BTW - Your icon examples have some of your best work represented. I especially like 1, 3,7, 9, 11 and 14.
I downloaded this pack at least a year ago or more but I'm really just starting to explore it. in fact I've downloaded the file again because I think I had deleted some of its subfolders.

I don't know that I found them on Facebook - but I don't remember where I first saw them. Probably here on LJ? I had no idea what the heck I was doing and barely understood what a texture was. (And then I also got into making my own textures with my own photographs for a while.)

As you can see from my examples I use the starlight ones quite a bit; I think those are in the first "lights" folder (001). I also use the textures in folder 11 quite a bit.

I'll be adding the textures from lookslikerain, etc that you directed me to and other stuff here. I would have added links to my profile as you've done - it looks very concise and easy to access - but I have all my fandom awards there already taking up room.

You are very welcome btw (the least I can do is share, since you've shared so much!) I'm curious to see what textures you end up using.

Your icon examples have some of your best work represented.

OMG thank you! I put a bunch together to show at the colorfilter journal (she got back to me which was really nice) and was really surprised by how well they went together. It made me realize I do have a "style" - or rather I have two distinct ones. In one direction I go for luminosity, clarity, bright color, softness; in the other I go for grunge, cracks, muted/faded tones, erasure of the image - for the look of decayed wall murals, faded photos and peeling paint.

1, 3,7, 9, 11 and 14.

You listed all my favorites of this group! :D 7, 11 and 14 are in my user pics gallery.

as you can see from my examples I use the starlight ones quite a bit Actually it is the starlight textures that intrigue me the most (so far). I just love how you used the starlight textures in #9. That icon is so pretty with the soft colors and then the little pop of light.
I like #9 quite a bit too! I just sent you a PM with links to some sample textures - I used at least three light textures from colorfilter's pack, two or more from folder 002_lights and 1 from 013_lights (the smaller white starlike dots that I also used on 7 the Wiffy hug icon.)

I'm uncertain of something when it comes to photobucket - if I lock a folder as private but not the individual image, can you see the image but nothing else in the folder? I should make you a private folder.
If I lock a folder as private but not the individual image, can you see the image but nothing else in the folder? Yes, If you give someone the direct link of an image in PB, that's the only image they can see.

I should make you a private folder. Not necessary. The folder I have been dropping textures in for you is not locked but the only thing in the folder is textures for you and you are free to share them, if you wish.

The folder I put my icons in for challenges is locked, because for some challenges we aren't supposed to let any one know which is your.
Thanks for sharing your resources! I can't access the textures, as apparently this requires a Facebook account, but I've already found some very nice frames in the Flickr group.

And your use of textures is superb. (It's something I haven't gotten the hang of yet myself.)
Oh my gosh thank you! I'll be adding more texture links to this site (including ones that don't require a FB account) so stay tuned.

*ponders* I could probably send you a zip file if you pm your email? (I have a mac btw)
*ponders* I could probably send you a zip file if you pm your email? (I have a mac btw)

That would be great, unless you think I won't be able to do anything with them since I'm on Windows?
Your platform shouldn't matter, I was only concerned about me sending them to you. I'll give it a try tomorrow (Monday) and we'll go from there.
Oh, I had the same trouble with links on facebook. But they actually are still downloadable without FB account. Right-click on the pickure and chose "save link as..." (or a similar option, whatever it's called on your browser), and download zip file. Or - right click, "copy link location", paste that link into the address bar and dowload the file.
Looking for icons from S5's Family; specifically Dawn's scenes at school with Lisa.

Any recs?

Oh, thanks to the extremely useful post, it goest straight into the bookmarks!