Summers Family Portrait S5 RSD

btvsats20in20 ROUND 10 SPECIAL


Full set after the cut!

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Kudos to: My extraordinary and marvelous Beta-Muse, velvetwhip. WIthout whom this set would not exist, or at least be half as strong.
Special thanks to: starry_night for extending the deadline for me and being so incredibly patient.

Willow/Center Crop Faith/Frame Buffy/XtremeCloseCrop Dawn/B/W+Color Joyce/Hope
Tara/Power Oz/Solid Background Angel/Lyrics Cordelia/Blue Spike/Negative Space
Giles/Text Fred/Hands Wesley/First Scene Anya/Hairporn Kendra/Beginning
Xander/Eyes Lorne/Last Scene Drusilla/Duplicate Darla/Faceless Monster/Dream

ETA: Cordy Icon Nominated Best Icon wicked_awards 2015 - THANK YOU for the nomination!
Aw, terrific work!
I lovelovelove the Tara/Power one (that light!), the Fred/Hands one (such colour). Also the Wesley/First Scene (love the texture) and the Lorne/Last Scene one.
Thank you so much! I'm pleased with how most of these came out.

And I have no idea what your icon means but it's making me giggle anyway.
Okay, these are SUPERLATIVE! It's so exciting for me to see which ones you chose! Great work!!!

Aw, thank you dear!!! Imagine I'm sending you bunches of roses (or whatever your favorite flowers might be) because you deserve them. Thanks to your keen eye and advice I'm constantly trying to push for greater meaning and depth.

It's so exciting for me to see which ones you chose!

It turns out the most difficult were Oz (what theme to put him under? ) Drusilla and Fred. I wasn't thrilled with any of my Fred icons (this one is "not bad"); and I was all set to put Dru in "Dream" and Wesley in Duplicate but I really thought that particular icon of Dru was really powerful, more so than the Wes icon I'd planned.
Woohoo, they're done! This challenge looks like so much fun!
My favorites are Buffy, Joyce, Tara, Angel, Fred, Anya, Drusilla. Also Xander, Darla and Monster have something magical - I can't stop looking at them. Your coloring is amazing :D
I can't stop looking at them.

That is about the best compliment an artist could hope for, thank you!

Your coloring is amazing

*blushes* Thank you, I've really worked hard on color lately; I have to challenge myself to work outside the "sepia" range.
Oh thank you dear!

And good luck at the Sunnydale Memorial fanfic awards! (yes, I done my duty and voted. :D )
Very nice set! I especially like Dru, Dawn and Faith. The frame in the Faith on is very nice and unique. Good job!
Thank you so much! Dru, Dawn and Faith are three of my favorites (and I think they were all the products of late-night sessions. Why do I do some of my best work when I'm near exhaustion?) The Faith icons - alts with and without frame - were a lot of fun, once I found that cap and her pose is so "Victorian" and prim I had to take advantage of that. And the Dru set is some of my favorites.

You've definitely been an influence on me esp in terms of use of textures (a lot of the textures here were new ones from lookslikerain off texturiize, I forgot to credit.)
I am so proud of you for completing your set! It looks awesome.

My favorites are Willow, Faith, Joyce, Tara, and Lorne. :)
Oh thank you sweetheart!

And you like the Willow, Joyce and Tara ones yay! the Willow one hasn't gotten a lot of attention which is odd, I think it's nifty. I'm pleased with the set in general but I hope next round to get it done a LOT quicker.
Oooh, lovely!

My favs are Buffy, Dawn, Oz, Lorne, and Darla.

I realized that for this round I'm favoring the ones that are more uniform in color and "calming" and avoiding those more dynamic or have more tension (hot spots in lighting, lots of movement, etc.), so it probably has more to do with how I feel right now (rushed and overwhelmed). Nevertheless, wonderful art!
BTW may I say your Anya icon is LOVELY? (I had such a hard time with the Anya entry - she's not a character I'm drawn to icon, although Emma is lovely and Anya is a funny interesting character.)

Thank you for your feedback sweetie and I do LOVE hearing the specifics of what appeals to people and why. I know it's a very emotional thing and of the moment, just as with writing fic. (i.e. the set I loved when I first made it can strike me as too loud or jumpy a month later.)

The Buffy,(I love that Buffy one) Dawn, Lorne and Oz are among my favorites here and definitely calming - the Darla one is an interesting choice because even I find that one disturbing (in a good or bad way I don't know.) I hesitated making it so I'm glad it strikes a chord with someone else!
Ah any time hon. I'm thrilled you managed to finish your set because these are terrific!
You can really see how you're evolving as an icon maker through this and your other recent work. All the colours look beautiful and your crops continue to be amazing, and I love how you use textures and text.

My faves from this set are Buffy (amazing crop!), Dawn (love the darker colour in contrast with the b&w), Joyce (perfect image and it's so pretty), Tara (again, so very pretty), Angel (great crop and text use), Wes (great image choice and colouring), Anya (love the vintage look), Lorne (lovely blending and colouring), Dru (beautifully done) and Monster (interesting choice for the theme but it works really well with the crop and colours).

Great set hon! :)
Thank you sweetie! Again, I really appreciate your patience during this entire process. And thank you for the very specific feedback, it's nice to know which areas I'm improving (heck it's nice to know I'm improving, period!)

Of your favorites the only one I'm not happy with is Monster; I'm glad you like Anya because that one pleases me - I was inspired by the look of the flashback scenes in Selfless (once again you picked up on the vintage look) and was going to go with an image of Aud's long hair but I loved how anti-hair-porny this image was and couldn't resists subverting the trope so to speak. The Tara and Buffy ones I'm also really happy with - Buffy was one of the first of this set I made. And I wanted to emphasize Dawn's feelings of being "not real", so I thought that theme was perfect for her.

Thanks again!

I love this set! I couldn't help but hear Oz when I read the text on the icon, lol. I know I voted for some of these! I love the softness in the close up of the Buffy icon! Great work!