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I Walk Alone (but not without friends - A Gift from Comlodge)

When the incredibly talented and generous comlodge put out an open offer to personalize the FFL picspam banner set she made for Round 18 of seasonal_spuffy, I asked if she could put the top two close up images of James' and Sarah's faces into one banner, perhaps with a ghost image of the two of them on the back porch step in the center? And could she please keep that pretty watercolor blue at the top, and that nifty framing device?  She could, she did, and did she ever. Behold the glory:
I Walk Alone variation by the Goddess comlodge (2015), personalized for me.  Click to view full-size and appreciate the fine details; it really needs to be seen full-size.

You can see all of the banners and icons she made me below the cut, here in my scrapbook album - or better yet, check out the originals at comlodge's journal here and here, leave her feedback about beautiful they are, request your own personalized version if you like, and tell her that I sent you.

[More artwork by Comlodge inside...]

This is my favorite version of the several alts she made for me and I've added this below the cut on my Welcome Post, where the Winged Buffy she made me exactly two years ago also holds pride of place. (Has it been two years, already? Surely not.) But I certainly might switch it out with any of the other, equally beautiful alts. Each one has slight differences to the other and I love all of them.

Thank goodness she came out to play for this round of seasonal_spuffy, which would have been poorer without her contributions. She captured so much of what I love about these two characters, as indvidiuals and together.

1 - 4 banners, click to see full-size
  562991_original.jpg   562782_original.jpg   562662_original.jpg     555162_original.jpg

5 - 9 icons
  554611_original.jpg   554411_original.jpg   icon by comlodge for me June 2015     552277_original.jpg   551960_original.jpg

All artwork in this post courtesy of comlodge, 2015; do not steal, deface, claim as your own, hotlink, or archive to other websites (Fanpop, etc) without the artist's express consent.
Yay Spuffy love ... I am so glad I have managed to sneak in for a few minutes this evening.

comlodge does beautiful work, doesn't she?

I thought I wouldn't use a Spuffy icon but my Walk Alone one.
Oh my GOSH - I meant to include Happy Birthday wishes to you in this post! (What with the Spuffy love and all.) I do apologize for missing it!

comlodge does beautiful work, doesn't she?


Doesn't she though? She's been a huge influence on me artistically - and a wonderful friend to boot!

The banner looks fab!

It's gorgeous work! Did you see the original pic spam set for Seasonal Spuffy?
Lovely post. I'm pleased you are enjoying them. That is, after all, why we create art. To share and enjoy with friends, and soon to be friends. :D
Wow! Really gorgeous work, yeah. (And oh man, Buffy's face. Heartsqueeze.)
comlodge's work is simply glorious! It's a wonderful addition to my art gallery.

Buffy's face. Heartsqueeze

I'll see your heartsqueeze and raise you a bear hug. Take my heart, I don't need it anymore.