Summers Family Portrait S5 RSD

Tiebreakers! Gotta love 'em!

* Or not, actually. But anyway - Break these ties pretty please at slayerstillness Challenge 46 - Second/Third place and Best Color.

I adore at least one of the icons currently in the running for Best Color but they're both lovely and I don't want to play favorites or hurt anyone's feelings.

* whedon_elite has kept me hopping the last couple of days and that's been a good thing - I normally overthink icons to the nth degree, and this round robin session (Challenge 120) has really pushed me to make icons quickly, no overthinking, - I have to respond fast, before anyone else does - and do so with characters I wouldn't normally icon: Rlley, Giles, Cordy, Faith, and Wanda Maximoff (the Scarlet Witch) from Age of Ultron (a movie I havent' seen and have no intention to, to be entirely honest); plus Drusilla . And those are just my entries, which only scratch the surface.  (Voting on this round is going to be a pleasant nightmare *lol*.)  I've thrown out the Buffybot for someone else to icon as the next post and no one has responded, but the challenge is open until June 28th, so I certainly hope someone will.

This special round is a great way to dip your toes in the water if you've been wanting to enter an icontest challenge but were intimidated by the 5 or 20 entries needed in most other comms, so I hope someone who hasn't joined the fun yet will do so. And I hope someone answers the Buffybot challenge because she's such a fascinating character (see this tumblr meta for proof.)
Ok, I bit. Buffybot icon is up at WE :P

And since I haven't mentioned it in a while, thank you again for your tireless community promotions :D
I just commented on your Buffybot icon, go you! :D

thank you again for your tireless community promotions :D

You're very welcome - thank you for all you do for the fandom and your tireless encouragement!

(I confess I'm half done with my set for Round 10 - except I don't know what theme to put one of those icons) and in full-freak out mode. Also? I never did thank you properly for some of the banners you made me. Will correct that and soon.
No rush hon. I have voting for my OUAT comm to post plus a 20in20 that I need to get inspired for so I probably wouldn't get to voting at btvsats20in20 until Sunday at least :)
I voted. :)
Glad to hear that Whedon Elite helped you get out of your brain for a second and post your work. They all look great, hun.
Thank you dear! It's so sweet of you to comment on the icons, I'm glad you like them! (Maybe if I approached 20in20 this way as well I'd get things done in a timely fashion for once *lol*)