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The Only Road I've Ever Known

* You still have time to vote in slayerstillness Challenge 46! Or at least I think you do. As long as you don't see a "Voting closed" post from starry_night in the voting threads, you can still cast your ballots. 14 fantastic entries - a couple of which just might be mine. (Guess which ones?)  And a couple of which aren't mine, but I wish to holy heck I had made them. (Guess which ones?)

* Entries for Challenge 204 at otherworldlyric are due midnight June 26th. Speaking of OWL, thank you to everyone who voted my Becoming icon third place in Challenge 203! Congratulations to chic_c and xclaire_delunex for their lovely winning entries this round; and thank you dragonydreams for the wonderful banner! OWL was the very first icontest comm I ever participated in when I entered Challenge 162 last February but the last time I entered was Challenge 178 one year ago; so this feels like a homecoming.

June 2015 banner by dragonydreams
The Becoming icon is my favorite of the three I entered so I'm very pleased voters liked it as well. My indirect inspiration for the color scheme was early 20th century postcards, valentines, book and periodical cover illustrations. #2, the Becoming/Chosen blend, was an experiement in layering and #3, from Chosen, was just a bit of fun for me.

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Alts / Extras after the cut:

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My favorites here are 4 & 6. I nearly submitted #7 instead of #3 - I love the dual images of Buffy and the softness of the larger image that belies her steely resolve, but I wasn't sure the image was entirely "legible" and the text isn't well intergrated. I was trying to suggest a street sign and in fact, "Lonely Street" is applied over a screenshot of the Sunnydale sign at the end of Becoming, but I don't think it translates the way I wanted.

  4 - 9

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Congratulations! (Of course I already voted at Slayer Stillness.)

I am so proud of you. Your work is absolutely wondrous! My stars!

Oh my gosh thank you so much, dear! It means a great deal to me to hear (read) you say that.

And we must have been on the same wavelength because I JUST left a comment for the last chapter of Answering Prayers (yes, I actually had some new observations!)
Thank you very much hon!

I hadn't realized how long it had been since I'd entered an OWL challenge but the lyrics of that song just spoke to me, which took me by surprise. (Not exactly a Whitesnake fan here, *lol*)
Number 2! Number 2! So beautiful. I love the blending, it feels so proper and ultimate Buffy. I also really like 3. Congrats on your award!
Oh thank you hon! You're drawn to ones I didn't expect - I thought you might like 1, 4 or 6 (but perhaps that's because I like it.)

I am actually pleased with the softness and light in #2 - buffy's total journey is really so hard to capture in a 100x100 square image and you can't do her justice in one icon (which is why I make so many *lol*.).