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Which BtVS character are you? (or, "What am I, twelve?") - and a fic rec

I found this personality quiz i ozma914's LiveJournal.  

I shoulda known.  Willow was the first character I actually identified with on the show. Well, her and the Invisible Girl hose name I have shamefully and ironically forgotten. ETA: Velvetwhip reminded me that her name is Marcie Ross.)  As it turns out, ozma914 s Tara.  Or was in '08.  I wonder if that makes him my soulmate? (Which might be complicated, as I am actually a lesbian but, unlike Willow, I can't do magic.) I'm kind of dying to see wh local_max urns out to be, just for fun.

[And once again my talent for procrastination knows no bounds]Speaking o ozma914, I've got recs for three of his marvelous short btvs fanfics, out of many:
"She Would be Thirteen".  Superb. Xander, sometime post-Chosen, deals with one of the most difficult aspects of being a new Watcher. I'm trying to branch out a bit in my fanfic and meta reading because I'm pretty well burned-out on Spuffy fics for the moment, and it's a challenge to open myself up to understanding the boy a bit. This story is sad (angsty?) but not bathetic or sentimental; very true to canon characterization - I can imagine NB in this - which is one of my biggest criteria for fanfiction; and packed with layers of meaning and subtext in a very short pace of time. It reads somewhat like a prose poem; not a single wasted word here.

For something on the lighter side: Did you think that Joyce (the lovely Kristine Sutherland) was hideously underused on the show? Did you want to see more of life in Sunnydale from her perspective?  Or wish they had bothered to tackle some of the realities of being a single working mom?  I know I did.  "To Start the Day" s one of the few, and like "She Would be Thirteen", it's spare and lovely, humorous, very much true to character. There's just not enough Joycean fanfic, IMHO.  (See what I did there?)

And from "light" to damn downright cracky, his Dawn-centric fic "A (Somewhat Less Than) Forever Love" has one of my favorite Dawn/Spike reunions in fic, in two short lines of dialogue. Meanwhile, Dawn and Buffy deal with all of Buffy's past boyfriends. Xander, Willow, Giles and Faith make brief appearances.  Giles cleans his glasses. Xander (almost) drools. Faith wears leather. Dawn snarks and fumes; Buffy chooses her words poorly. Angel, Spike and Riley are pretty damn petty, just the way I like them.

Happy holidays, everyone - whatever you observe, if you observe anything at all.  Peace and blessings to all.
The Invisible Girl was Marcie Ross. (I mention her oddly often in my stories so her name is pretty fresh in my mind.)

Like you, I adore Willow!

ozma914 is a fine writer indeed!

Damn you're fast - I just edited and reposted to add two other stories. But I'm betting you've read them as well? And, thank you for Marcie's name! I identified with her so strongly in OOSOOM that I felt guilty for not remembering her name. I'm as bad a Cordy - there's a sobering thought.)

I think I still love Buffy best but local_max's observations about Willow have been reminding me why she was my first love on the show. (Parsing through the W/T & B/S S6 parallels is twisty and fascinating, athough I know you're more of an early-seasons gal. I think?)


I like the early seasons best as a viewer, but I've written oodles of Season 6 stories. Weird, eh? My Willow/Riley story is even set in Season 6.

Willow was pretty much my perfect identification character because I was nerdy, introverted, good in school, into witches, wanted to be a redhead (I'm blond) and had a really nasty violent temper that came out sometimes and surprised everyone, even me. So I latched onto Willow the first episode I saw, and it took me a while to start identifying with Buffy herself.

Season 6 is the one where I identify with Buffy the most strongly, which is part of what makes it such a favorite.
I'm brunette (and also want to be a redhead) but beyond that you sound scarily like me. Were we separated at birth, maybe?

And I'm with you all the way on S6. Not objectively the best season (in terms of plotting, pacing, etc) but the one I felt and feel most deeply. I had to watch nvrbnkisst's video "Feels like Home and read gabrielleabelle's Buffy Came Back Wrong metas immediately after finishing the season just to be able to help process it. My initial response was "What the hell did I just see and how do I feel about it?" Which was my response to the two films that hit me the hardest emotionally when I first saw them: The Piano and the Hours. The things that really, really matter to me emotionally, whether film, tv, a painting, etc, are things that are difficult for me to get ahold of, to wrap my mind around. A simple "love it/like it/hate it" response isn't sufficient.
Hi Willow! *waves*


Ah, more to read. Thanks to a timely visit to the local hospital i'm spending the holidays all alone so thanks a lot for the fic recs!

Also, i've done that quiz and - wonder over wonders - i'm Buffy. ;-)

Which makes us BFFs?!


On a slightly related note: The year's over and the next year will start rather slow (working load related), if the past is any indication. So i hope i'll be around more often and able to chime in on such wonderful conversations like you + Max + Ever had on her journal just these last days.

All the best to you, girl-friend!
*waves back* It not only makes us BFF's it makes us metaphorical sisters! I've been thinking about that a bit lately. Tara was brought on to replace Willow as the "damsel in distress", the girl needing Buffy's protection, except that as Willow's lover she's one step removed from Buffy, so in reality Willow's role is replaced by Dawn. Hence, the two of them standing one each side of Buffy at the end of Chosen is fitting.

Any change you can copy the Buffy "button" over here? I don't know what it says.

Thanks to a timely visit to the local hospital i'm spending the holidays all alone so thanks a lot for the fic recs!

*frowny face* I'm sorry to hear that! No family to visit you? I hope it's nothing serious - or that can't be resolved in due time. In the US it has to be pretty serious anymore to actually keep you even one night, but I don't think you're in the US. Do get well very very soon. I've been dealing with a leg injury for over three weeks and pretty much-housebound, I even went to the emergency room one night but they released me soon after. Probably better that I'm at home.

(BTW - may I ask what country you're in/from? Based on your comments in the past I'm thinking Germany, but then sometimes I think Greece or Russia?)

i hope i'll be around more often and able to chime in on such wonderful conversations like you + Max + Ever had on her journal just these last days.

You've seen those comments? I was hoping you would join in! You and Max both posted some thoughts on my Anne and Dopplegangers meta that I really need to reply to even though they are weeks old. I sometimes wish my inbox showed the oldest comments first - I get stuck on the newest ones.

I'm hoping you'll have more meta at some point; that's my plan for the year, to write more here.

Do take care and be well!

i.e., you cheated to get the desired results? *lol*

I think the hardest thing for me in these sorts of test, which admittedly are silly and fun, is that sometimes, as with this one, I genuinely have trouble chosing between "What would I do at the times I've been my best/most productive/happiest/ideal self, and what would I honestly do right now?"
I've taken so many of this personality quizzes and I always get the same result: Cordelia. LOL No surprise there at all.
I'm just glad you didn't destroy the world on December 21st! That's my wife's birthday, and an apocalypse could have kind of ruined it.

I very much appreciate the kind words! I have to say, "A (Somewhat Less Than) Forever Love" was one of the most fun stories to write ever. I don't write Spike all that much (mostly because of the time frame my Buffyverse is in), but when I do, I have a blast.

I suspect I'm still Tara. I mean, figuratively.
I've really enjoyed your writing - I also added a link to Buffybot's Secret in my next post; if anything I wish there were a more user-friendly archive or link list, so I could go through your stories in the order you meant them to be read? Your intro (Tara's resurrected, Dana's healed, etc) are very helpful just diving in the midst of things like I did, but I find myself wanting to go back to the beginning and find out how things began. Or do you have an archive list and I missed it?

I suspect I'm still Tara. I mean, figuratively.

*lol* Well then I guess we'll have to settle for being "just friends" :)

BTW, I really enjoy your original characters; I started reading and wondered, when was Kara in the show? Was she in AtS, because I don't remember her (I've never watched AtS, but I've read most of the developments in terms of the larger arc/plot, and so I knew about Dana at least.) It took me a while to figure out that she was an OC because she's so well integrated with the "canon characters" that I wasn't aware at first that she was an OC. (Her dad was a little easier to figure out, if only because of the name, and the fact that he seems to be a new watcher; he still seems somewhat "outside" this 'verse while Kara is very much "in it". Not in a "badly-written" way, but more in the fact that Richard is older, perhaps more set in his ways, while Kara is embodied with Slayer power and has these other girls to be with, so she almost seems to have an easier time fitting in? )

But then Dana, Bottie and Tara almost become OC's in their own right because of the ways you've changed their circumstances, which I think works in your favor.
Hm ... I thought I'd posted a list of my fanfics in order somewhere, but now I can't find it. They are in order on my ozma914 account at fanfiction.net, but there are some typos there that I never got around to fixing (because it was a pain to edit over there). There is this:

All or most of the stories are over there, and I think they're in order with the earliest post being the earliest story.

Ah, wait! I found "the story so far":