Summers Family Portrait S5 RSD

Until I see evidence to the contrary...

...I am presuming that we can still actually vote in whedon_elite Challenge 119 as there be some ties the mods would like to break. (What those ties be I have no idea.)

ETA: And the winners have been announced: Congratulations neatmonster and sweet_lyri ! (Thank you velvetwhip for the heads-up.)

I know for a fact that the mods at btvsats20in20, otherworldlyric and slayerstillness have all extended deadlines on the current challenges:
** June 24th for btvs Round 10 (Scroll down to see all the wonderful entry sets thus far, the latest from sweet_lyri and spikesredqueen).

 ** June 19th for both OWL Challenge 203 and SS Challenge 46.
At WE? I just home and saw that, thank you!

Is it weird that in these challenges I at least like seeing my own voting slate reflected in the winners? (Which has to be super-egotistical or something along those lines.) I do very much like fassy's entries especially the grey and pink Cordy one; there's something very "James (Jane) Bond" about that image.
All of those mods are very nice for making extensions happen.
Tumblr. That's where all the active fandoms are. But they don't have fun artistic comms like these over there. At least that I've seen. (Tumblr still confuses the hell out of me, even after 2 years.)
(Tumblr still confuses the hell out of me, even after 2 years.)

You and me both. Every once in a while someone like Drusillathekiller or kikimay etc posts a meta that makes me want to hit a like button or I sometimes see a nice piece of artwork, but tumblr is just incredibly counter-intuitive to me in it's format. So I just am not that tempted to start an account there.
I have an account because I like all the Arrow gifs, and eventually I figured out how to post my Arrow and The Fosters fic there (by asking one of the Arrow writers I follow there), but I find it so hard to use the search function. I usually get fed up.