Spuffy Hands Listening to Fear RSD

* Entries for whedon_elite Challenge 119 "Color Coded" due Sunday, June 14th 3pm EST. Check out the specific challenge rules here.      Only three folks have submitted entries thus far, so more are welcome. Congratulations to the winners of Round 118 "Ultron" naive_astronaut, neatmonster, sweet_lyri and sietepecados; the vintage look of sweet_lyri's fantastic 3rd place winner provided the inspiration for the awards banners; but I also love the rich coloring of naive_astronaut's interpretation of the same character, and the warm glow of neatmonster's winner.

Complete set of banners after the cut: click all to view full-size.

[Ultron banners below the cut]

1stplaceWE118_naive_astronaut_rsd_june2015_final.png   WE118_2ndplacetiebanner_RSD_june2015_final.png   WE118_3rdplacebannertie2of2_RSD_june2015.png WE118_3rdplacetiebanner1of2_fassy_RSD_june2015.png   WE118_bestcolorbanner_RSD_june2015.png   WE118_modschoicebanner_RSD_june2015.png

The Black Widow image was my favorite to play with; the Thor and Jeremy Renner ones (I can't be fussed to look up the character's name) were the most difficult. (At the last minute I noticed Renner's hand sticking out of his belt in such a way that his thumb looked like...well, like another part of his anatomy altogether.)

* Deadline for slayerstillness Challenge 46 "Free For All" has been postponed to next Friday due to a complete and abject lack any entries whatsoever. The new deadline is Friday June 19th, midnight at your respective time zones.

* Icon sets for Round 10 for btvsats20in20 are due Wednesday June 17th and - I have four out of 20. Maybe. Definitely three...Oh, who am I kidding? I see an extension in my future. As a reminder, the sign-up period is open the entire time so if you haven't entered yet but have a hankerin', it's not too late. In the meantime, scroll down the comm's site and check out the wonderful sets that have already been submitted by teragramm, snogged, killing_kurare, sweet_lyri,  and spikesredqueen.

* Speaking of btvsats20in20, and with sincere apologies for my tardiness on this account: THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Round 9 as artists and/or voters, THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my work and THANK YOU starry_night for the beautiful awards banners! Also check out the lovely banners for sweet_lyri's winning entries here.  I love that Starry gave me Buffy and Joyce -  the Summers women are ever so much on my mind lately, thanks to an able assist from velvetwhip's astonishing fic Answering Prayers.
Your banners are fabulous!

Thank you so much for all the support you've given to Answering Prayers. As a beta, your insights were invaluable.

It was both an honor and a pleasure to have even a small part of bringing it to fruition! Thank you for trusting me and sharing it.
Thank you AND you're very welcome! Thank you for participating this round, it's nice to see you doing art again. :D
I find I like the special challenges more (rainbow, 20 themes/20 characters, etc.). Then I get to avoid the artist's choice thing. It feels like a lot of pressure to do that and I salute you for doing these 20in20 things with regularity.
I find I like the special challenges more (rainbow, 20 themes/20 characters, etc.). Then I get to avoid the artist's choice thing. It feels like a lot of pressure to do that

I know what you mean! I admired [Unknown LJ tag]'s AC set way back in Round 1 because it actually was a true "set" aesthetically but what I find when I'm working on mine is that, by the time I get around to the AC set, it feels like I've already done an AC set - it was called "Category". So then it's like, "oh crap, I gotta come up with FIVE MORE?"

My rainbow set for Round 5 still just might be my favorite technically of all my sets both technically and aesthetically. But I made those just before I got hired for the job I'm in now, so I had a bit more time; but it was just an incredibly creative period for me. And there was something about the lack of "themes" that I think actually let me cut loose a bit.

I salute you for doing these 20in20 things with regularity.

Oh gosh thank you! And there are folks out there who participate in several 20in20's at a given time; the idea makes my head spin!

Did you find it a challenge mixing and matching characters to themes for this round? I'm having a heck of time with that.
The rainbow icon round was so much fun!


I had some ideas what I wanted to do for characters/themes, but there was definite struggles. For example, I'm still not thrilled with my Faith icon. The picture is from "Consequences" and I wanted to try and capture the good/evil dichotomy that she falls into. I like the concept I came up with, but not necessarily the execution.

P.S. I found it helped to keep a list. :)