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More Buffyverse in Wonderland (Willow, Buffy, The White Rabbit & the Jabberwocky)

kikimay and snogged both celebrated birthdays recently, as have angearia, teragramm, leni_ba (far and away my favorite Bangel(us) author), pocochina, frelling_tralk, comlodge, chic_c, boot_the_grime and quinara and what have I done for any of these wonderful folks? Nothing, nada. I suck as a friend (but if only people would stop being born, please, it's so overwhelming.  ;-P)

This really doesn't make up for any of it, but kikimay has been requesting that I post the remainder of my Buffyverse in Wonderland artwork, and since she's been having fabulous adventures lately and deserves celebrating, here it be. If I don't post it all at once I never will:

Teasers:   willowPG_white rabbit banner1167x888.png buffyandthewhiterabbit708x650_1.2trianglesigned.png   buffyjabberwockygreenyesv2.5april2015editbyredsatindoll1046x1085.png


Click all banners below for full-size versions. Fanart by me, 2015, unless otherwise noted.

Willow in Wonderland Banners 1-3; icons 5-7.

1. willowPG_white rabbit banner1167x888.png 2. Willowdalifrescolarge1.1signed.png 3.ProphecyGirl_BrokenScreencaps_whiterabbitwillow_signed.png

If #2 looks familiar it should - it's the banner version of my Mod's Choice winner at slayerstillness Challenge 38. (Click #4 below to enlarge tempertemper's fabulous banner.) Tip o'the nip to my beta-Muse velvetwhip for her inspiration; I was working on the icons for that round and came across the texture in #1 that is a "handwritten" fragment of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Gabrielle mentioned an interest in AiW, and away my brain went hippity-hopping from there.

4. Banner by tempertemper Feb 2015 5. 6. 7.


Prophecy Girl Down the Rabbit Hole Banners 8-10; icons 11 - 15:

8. buffyandthewhiterabbit708x650_1.4downtext.png 9. buffyPGandthewhiterabbit_signedv1.4.png 10. buffyandthewhiterabbit708x650_1.2trianglesigned.png

Once I started toying with the idea of Wonderland, the notion of Buffy literally going "down the rabbit hole" to meet the Master seemed a natural fit.
Indecisive as always, I suspect #8 is the best version; I thought I would like #9 more than I do. I found the triangle texture on forwallpaper.com but like almost everything on the internet I suspect it originates elsewhere.

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. pgjabberwockicon1.png

S5 Buffy and the Jabberwocky Banners 16 -17; icons 18 -20.
16. buffyS5jabberwockyposterlarge_1.3greeneyes1400x1418byredsatindollapril2015edit.png 17. buffyjabberwockygreenyesv2.5april2015editbyredsatindoll1046x1085.png

"And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? / Come to my arms, my beamish boy!"

The "Slayer" in Carroll's poem is male but thanks to the long hair and slight figure, as well as my fascination with the Buffyverse, I can't help but see one of Buffy's predecessors in Tenniel's illustration. velvetwhip noted that the original versions of 17 didn't quite work but it took me a while to understand why : it was too pale and lacked contrast (see #18 below).

18. buffyjabberwockyicons5version1.1.png 19. buffyjabberwockygreenyesv2.5april2015editbyredsatindoll1046x1085.png 20. buffyS5jabberwockyposterlarge_1.3greeneyes1400x1418byredsatindollapril2015edit.png

Fanart by me, 2015, unless otherwise noted. Original illustrations by John Tenniel (1, 3, 8 -20) and Salvador Dali (2, 4, 5). Photo of SMG 16 -20 by Greg Gershon.

Snaggage of icons warmly encouraged but please give proper credit, and do not hotlink, post to other website without permission or claim as your own. Capiche?

You already know I love these, but I must sing their praises yet again. You've married the two unreal worlds with art and wit and unerring symmetry. Brava!

You've married the two unreal worlds with art and wit and unerring symmetry.

Oh Gabrielle thank you! You've said many kind things to me but this comment is particularly special!
Ooh, I do like Prophecy Buffy and the White Rabbit!

And you are too kind! Although I don't know if you intended to go back to March with these birthday wishes. I was so busy with house stuff I didn't really celebrate it anyway, so I'm touched even that you remembered it!
Well I looked at the birthday list in my inbox and you were the most recent one from "two months ago" and since you're a special person and all (and I couldn't recall if I'd said HB in private), I decided to add your name here. Really, the month doesn't matter anyway but I've proven time and again I'm a bit loose with dates.

I do like Prophecy Buffy and the White Rabbit!

Thank you hon!

Wow! How wonderful!

Totally agree with 8. as my favorite among the alternatives. The position of the text creates tension and an odd balance with the negative space on the right, but the text itself stands out without being intrusive. My eyes are drawn to the pillar of light shining down on Buffy, all Chosen-like. Also love 1! I'm also drawn to 13. The White Rabbit looks like it's glowing, and the lighting is just perfect with the image of Buffy.
Thank you so much!

Totally agree with 8. as my favorite among the alternatives. The position of the text creates tension and an odd balance with the negative space on the right, but the text itself stands out without being intrusive.

Yes, you pegged exactly why it works the best. Sometimes (a lot of times) it's hard for me to see what's best until I live with them a little bit, see them side by side here (trying to see them side by side on my desktop doesn't seem to be quite the same); or better yet, show them to my fabulous beta-Muse velvetwhip (which I didn't do here obviously).

The fact that the text goes "down" and is partly illegible in 8 is the point isn't it? Very meta - but I'm still learning to get comfortable with using text/fonts in that way, as decorative elements, and not insisting everything be entirely legible.

My eyes are drawn to the pillar of light shining down on Buffy, all Chosen-like.

I can never pay our dear girl enough honor and respect; she gets so little in canon (and, sadly, fandom).

Just between you me and the fencepost - I wish I remembered how I got that column of light to occur, although I know it meant lots of glow and light filters and working with the inherent qualities of triangle texture. And of course, "ambrotype" (dark sepia) filters.

I NEED to write things down when I work, but by the time I think to do so I'm another ten steps ahead. It's like how I cook but don't write down recipes because that would just slow me down (and then I can't remember!)

I'm really pleased with 1 & 2 - I made #5 for slayerstillness in February and liked it so much I made the banners afterwards. I'm not as fond of 13 but I posted it because I learned from kikimay that the ones I call "failures" may be the very ones someone else truly loves, so I'm glad you like it. I've done better work with that image from Nightmares - I LOVE that image, it's so much fun to play with and works in all sorts of contexts.

I ADORE this set. Thanks for posting it! Please, make more and more!! I'm in love with 1, 8, 9, 10. I love the white rabbit, it's so shiny! I'm also adding icon number 11 to my userpics, thanks to much.
You're welcome - THANK YOU for the lovely comments!

Please, make more and more!!

I'll add your request to my "to do" list, we shall see if the Muse responds!

by coincidence, round 3 category theme at females20in20 is Alice in Wonderland. I'm already signed up for btvsats20in20 so that may be pushing it for me.

And I recall you saying once you liked those Prophecy Girl/White Rabbit images, especially #10 - don't recall if you saw 8-9 before? I think feliciacraft is right, 8 is the best of those three. Although I think 12 has it's charms.

And I saw that you snagged it, THANK YOU! There is no better compliment to me as an artist than to have folks snag and use my work. I think I've made it one of my goals to always have at least one of my icons in your gallery. :D

These are fab hon! I love the combination of Buffy and Wonderland, both having the surreal aspects to them and the whole "down the rabbit hole" works amazingly well with the Buffyverse and everything Buffy herself (in particular) deals with.
Thank you dear!

I tend to associate folk and fairy tales with the women of the buffyverse women with season 4 most especially, but the themes resonate all across the seasons don't they? the little girls "lost in the woods".
You're welcome and thank you!

(OT - how awful is it that only last night when I was posting this did I notice your username is spelled "tralk" and not "talk"? My brain has been reading it as "talk" all this time. *lol*

What does "tralk" mean?
This is such a fantastic concept! Thank you for sharing your work. <3
Thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes!

I love the wonderland A/W but I must confess, I like the banners better than the icons. Only because you can really see the a/w in the larger size.

I like #2 and #3 the best because season 1 Willow (with the longer hair) really goes well this the wonderland theme. I love the color and texture on #2 and the clarity and close crop of #3. Great Job!!!
but I must confess, I like the banners better than the icons. Only because you can really see the a/w in the larger size.

Full disclosure #1: I like making banners better than I do icons, for the most part - because I can see what the heck it is I am actually doing. So I'm not insulted by your "confession" in the least!

Full disclosure #2 - "icons" 19 and 20 are really banners 16 and 17 that I downsized from the album when I posted. If I'd made those as icons proper I would have sharpened them a bit more. But all the others are icons originally and my feelings still stand. Sadly though, the icon comms offer more opportunity to practice techniques regularly and show off the work. I think we've had this convo before, I still toy with the idea of a banner comm.

I'm actually astonished by how many icon comms are out there - and more every day - especially the 20in20 format. I find 20in20 extremely challenging because of the number of icons needed. This is one of the reasons I like slayerstillness - five is a nice number, I can deal with that. I've yet to see a 5-10 comm.

Isn't Willow adorable here? And incredibly pretty (HOW did you not notice that lovely girl right in front of you, Xander Harris, how?)

My favorites of this set are 2, 8 and 16.

Thank you so much for your compliments and feedback hon!

Amazing work (as always))!
And now I suddenly wonder if there are Buffy vs Jabberwock stories written... there must be!
Thank you sweetheart!

And now I suddenly wonder if there are Buffy vs Jabberwock stories written... there must be!

I'd seen a Wizard of Oz/Buffyverse crossover but not AiW so I did a quick google search and found this, a 2010 story on ff.net based on the Tim Burton film (which by itself doesn't bode well but perhaps the fic is a good one, I haven't read it yet.)

At least it mentions Buffy needing to slay the Jabberwocky right in chapter 1 so yay!

I also found an original mashup being sold on Amazon "Alice the Vampire Slayer". (I guess the phrase "vampire slayer" is generic enough that 20th century fox can't attempt to sue?)

Oh and also this nifty manip of late-seaons Buffy (SMG) as alice on deviantart:

And that's just a super-quick look at the first things that popped up.

Edited at 2015-06-06 12:57 am (UTC)
These are all superb! Buffy and Alice in Wonderland, a most excellent combination. My favourites of your banners are 1 and 16. Willow's expression in 1 is perfect, and it really looks like an image from the era. And Buffy is a golden goddess in 16! Jabberwock icon number 15 looks truly horrific though.

Btw, I am reminded of the Alice vid by Nicole Anell; it's a Sleepless Restless* episodic set to White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. I think you'll like it. I can't find the YouTube original link (maybe it was taken down) but here's the vid uploaded by someone else:


*Ugh, that's what I get for posting when I should have been asleep myself!

Edited at 2015-06-07 02:38 am (UTC)
Thank you so much!

I am really most pleased with 1, 8 and 16 of the banners myself. They're probably among my favorite things I've ever done. I'm very happy with the merging of photographs and illustration, realism and fantasy in these. Icon 15 was one I thought about submitting to slayerstillness but didn't because I thought it was too weird - maybe I just creeped myself out with it!

I've been wondering if I should add more text to #16, perhaps a fragment of the Jabberwocky poem? I don't feel a great need to, just curious what you think.

Jefferson Airplane, hurrah! I was an odd kid in high school in the 1980's - everyone else was listening to - I don't know what they listened to the in 1980's, while I listened to folk and rock from the 1960's.

I haven't seen that video before so thank you for the rec. It's odd, Restless was not my favorite episode (it was the first one in the series that actually made me say "Bored now" out loud.

I've tended to enjoy the video tributes to it more because they're shorter and capture the mood and spirit of the ep better than the episode itself does. My favorite Restless vid tribute is Afterthebattle's "Stripped Down to the Bone" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LioodU3YCa0
These are just fabulous - what an outstanding use of a Great Classic of literature and a GREAT TV series - especially with how the Buffyverse uses the "down the rabbit hole" inversions in many of the episodes and arcs.

These are totally exciting and a great inspiration to me - I've been having a lot of creative No Working So Much - seeing these was a very good and needed awakening. I especially like your use of Willow -
These are totally exciting and a great inspiration to me

Oh my gosh thank you for the kind words and I'm honored if my work is an inspiration to you!
Your artwork here is great! I really like the comparison of Alice in Wonderland and BTVS. Nice work!
I really like the comparison of Alice in Wonderland and BTVS.

Thank you! I was toying with the idea and velvetwhip and kikimay are both AiW fans, so that provided proper motivation. But I've always loved the way folk and fairy tale themes are woven into btvs; I hope to do more with this idea.

And some of the illustrations over the years for various editions of AiW are just fabulous.