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Congrats to the winners of Slayerstillness - and tiebreakers at 20in20 need YOU!

Yeah, I'm trying to cover all my bases here.

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my work at slayerstillness Challenge 44 and congratulations to the other winners tempertemper, sweet_lyri and new-to-the-comm participant muirthemne. (I just checked out her Gemma Arterton icon set for females20in20 and holy sweet potato pie, is it gorgeous work. And I don't even know who the heck Gemma Arterton is. I don't care who Gemma Arterton is. Icons - pretty!)

WInners banners will be up shortly but THANK YOU very much for the 2nd Place, Best Crop and Best Color honors!  This is my FIRST Best Color award in Slayerstillness!

1. 2. 3.
Best Color and 2nd Place/Best Crop winners, respectively, plus a personalized version.

At the beginning of the year I set a goal - I wanted to two placements I hadn't won yet, First and Best Color. Now I've earned both and - what now?
Keep improving, especially in terms of image clarity; try to get a handle on Photoshope Elements (my sweetie, who had mastered full PS before our previous computer burnt in the apartment fire, hates it. But I know other folks around here who love it and do amazing things with it.) Post my backlog of banners, including fanfiction artwork for ; and create new ones. Keep trying for an award at the wicked_awards. (Yes, I actually do want that. Call me selfish.) And keep promoting, pimping and sharing the love for all fandom creativity as enthusiastically as I can.  Speaking of which:

** There are TIEBREAKER votes that need attending at btvsats20in20 for Round 9 - five to be exact, thanks to the fact that people came and voted and we had 27-28 votes cast. I think that may be a record for the comm? At the high end, certainly.  (I won't stop to reflect here on "only 25 people?" and focus instead on the "25 people, yay!") Thank you to everyone who came out and voted thus far!

The ties are Blood, Close Crop+2, Category Set, Cat Icons 3rd place and AC icons 3rd place; so make sure you click on all FIVE buttons individually.  I can't vote this time around because - I'm nominated in all five rounds. (This is no state secret; if you're reading this you know which work is mine and furthermore, if you click "View Answers" you'll see that's what I put there.)  So YOU, my dear Gentle Readers, YOU must sally forth and vote on my behalf. Voting is up for 48 hours or until ties are broken.
So beautiful! I also love the b&w variant because it seems so fitting for SMG's retro look, but the colorful one is SO PRETTY.

Confession - when I made that one I looked at it and thought, "Huh, Best Color, maybe? Finally?" Is it terrible to confess that. I figured if I can't win best color with that I never will. (And I'm sure I thought, "bright color - kikimay!" Velvetwhip compared it to Klimt.)

Thank you so much for the compliments! The 2nd place winner is a very pale sepia-ish/ambrotype - probably two or three different color filters plus glow and "noise" for the grain. I LOVE this photo so much I could play with it forever and not get tired.
Thanks muchly on both counts sweetheart!
(I didn't thank you for your Muse-ing gifts here but I'll correct that when I post my banners and icons all together in another post.)
Oh thanks a lot for the promotion, you're too kind.
I'm very happy for you that you've achieved your goal, amazing. Congrats again! Good luck with your next goal!
Promotion is what I do in these parts!

(I was just thinking today "I have to stop using the word 'pimping' and say 'promoting' instead." You must have been reading my mind *lol*)

Thanks muchly for the kind words and encouragement - and congrats again on YOUR wins! I look forward to what you'll do next. You've only got one post at your LJ but I assume you've been making icons and doing artwork for a while?
Haha, it must be because I've been away from LJ so long, I've forgotton most terms!

I've started making art in photoshop about 10 years ago, but I had a few rough couple of years in which I didn't do much. I actually had an LJ for years but deleted it when I took that Photoshop (and living in general) break. I was mostly active in BAngel icon contests, but I was sad to see the old communities were gone. Luckily I found a new one that is still very active with lovely people!
After the long break I had I'm trying to find 'my style' again, but I was very pleased with my Gemma set. I hope I can keep it up and evolve.

So tell me about your art making journey!
Lovely icons. Many congrats.

When I used to make icons I used to use Photoshop Elements and absolutely loved it. I still mourn my copy of PE2.
We have PS12 and when I look up tutorials online I have to be very careful to get ones for 12, not any previous version because there seems to be a lot of differences in layout, etc. That probably wouldn't matter to someone who has previous experience in PE.

How long ago was PE2 out?

Is PE what you started out in? I've noticed that whatever folks start with, that tends to be their preference. (People who are used to full photoshop like my sweetie often don't seem to like PE, and vice versa. ipiccy was easy for me to jump into because it had enough similarities with Photoshop's old editing suite (now on a separate site called FotoFlexer) that I could make the leap.
Yes, I started with PE2 because it came pre-loaded on the computer I bought in 2003, so it must date from around then. When I got a new computer in 2010 I had to upgrade to PE8, which seemed completely different. I felt as if I was learning a completely new program, apart from some basic similarities. I'm not sure I would ever have dared to try to use the full version of Photoshop, but PE2 felt manageable somehow.
When she had full PS my sweetie would try to explain to me what she was doing in little bits but I wasn't allowed to play with it myself so my eyes would just glaze over.

I wonder what you'd think of PE12 in comparison to 8. I just need to watch some tutorials and try again (even Adobe's instructions make my head spin.)
- (Anonymous)
Just stunning! And congrats on the win!

I voted--it was really hard!

Good luck with PSE! I've done more training in Photoshop than can be justified by my skills, but in my brief exploration of Photoshop Elements, I was utterly lost. :P
Thank you dear!

A friend of mine who works with photoshop tried both PSE and ipiccy.com (which is what I use, a free online suite) and found them both as different to PS as to one another, but in different ways. But again, I have friends here who use PE and LOVE it. And from their work I wouldn't know the difference which program they use.

I figured because I'd never gotten into using PS (it was my sweetie's for her photos so I didn't touch it) that it would be easier for me to get into PSE than it has been for her and that hasn't been the case. I guess I need to sit down with a bunch of tutes and people who know what they're doing.

p.s. - If you think this round is hard, wait until you vote in a more "normal" round - we usually have at least 8 -10 people participating (I hope four people this time isn't a sign of things to come). Round 8 is a very good example actually - we had eight participants and trying to chose was excruciating:

Now category and AC we normally have to chose three sets and SIX top icons:

See what I mean? I usually have to look at the icons and then come back a day or two later before I can actually vote. Some people are extremely decisive - people who are not me. *lol*

So proud of you!
Congrats on your wins and I look forward to seeing you reach your future goals. I know you can do it!
Thank you sweetheart!

I dare say my future goals should be more along the lines of "look for my next job" or save for retirement" (ok, those are in the mix too. *lol*)