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The Work I've Left Undone: Pimping the Vote at Slayerstillness and btvsats20in20

These last couple of weeks I've been tired as all get out from my job (and now on the verge of "the thing that's going around" for the third time since the beginning of the year.  Oh FUN - not.)  Ergo I've been remiss at not promoting a thing or two:

slayerstillness - Your votes is needed in TWO tiebreakers, one to decide 2nd and 3rd place winners, and one for Most Creative, in Challenge 44. Make sure you hit each button individually so your vote registers in both. Challenge 45's theme is "Potentials", entry deadline May 29th midnight at your time zone.

btvsats20in20 - Votes still needed in Round 9, deadline tomorrow May 23rd.

Themes 10 as usual - you know the drill.

Category Choose your top three sets and then your FOUR (not six) favorite individual icons. (Only four artists entered this round.)

Artist's Choice. (Same as with Category Voting.)

I should have been pimping this much sooner; my bad. You'd think with all the time I spent making icons...but never mind that. Only 19 folks have cast their votes thus far (someone voted in the first three themes and then apparently gave up, so those votes will likely be tossed.)  Voting is always appreciated by the artists who make the icons. We also love it when we get direct feedback (the more specific the better but even a simple "I like this" is appreciated!) So if you haven't stopped by the individual artist's posts, it's not to late to give some love. Just scroll down the Round 9 tag.
I had been able to vote for these already, but I agree that it doesn't hurt to have a reminder.
I fell down on the job in that regard so I'm trying to make up for lost time.

Thank you so much for your votes - and hey, I saw you've entered round 10 of btvsats20in20! *squees*
I'm so glad I voted! Everyone needs to vote!

Sorry you've been so tired and ill.

Sorry you've been so tired and ill.

Thank you dear; it's un-fun. (I'm starting to get the cough off and on now.)

My poor sweetie has had this (whatever THIS is) for over a week, so it was inevitable I'd pick it up from her. Ironically, I managed to not catch things from her for years while I was unemployed and she was working at the nursing home, so I probably need to just take better care of myself now that we're both working there.
Thanks hon! I used that photo of SMG for the round 42 banners as you probably recall and couldn't resist playing with it again! (I could probably play with that one image for ages and be perfectly content.) I wish I knew who took the original source photograph, it's a stunner.

I also like the more contemporary glamour shot of Sarah that I added starlight textures to, although it's not as showy.
I also like the more contemporary glamour shot of Sarah that I added starlight textures to, although it's not as showy.

So do I, it was my other favourite from your set.
That was a pretty one wasn't it? But again it just proves the rule - start with the best source material you can.

I have a ton of textures just from this "color filter set" (and I'll be damned if I remember who or where I got them from, which is very very bad in my part!) and I'm trying to use them more often and really get to know what I've got.