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mcjulie's S6 episode polls - OMG! It's OMWF!

mcjulie's poll for OMWF is finally up on her LJ (if you recall, she took over the task fro gabrielleabelle). So - go, people!  Participation is love!  

ETA: I had some of the links wrong for the previous polls - all fixed now.  Polls for S5 starting with "Tough Love" (one of my all-time favorites) can be found here; polls for S6 here. The last one was for All the Way, which gets overlooked because it's sandwiched between two much-loved episodes but is a really good episode in it's own right and unfairly overlooked. (The scene in which Dawn has to stake the first boy (vampire) she's ever kissed?  Like Slayer, like sister.)