Wiffy-Pop Popcorn RSD


And THANK YOU tempertemper for the lovely banner to go with my First Place/Food Theme award from btvsats20in20 Round 8!

Banner by tempertemper April 2015
Check out the rest of her wonderful banners for spikesredqueen, sweet_lyri and teragramm here. (Her "grey" theme banner for SRQ is especially clever IMO.) As well as the entire winners slate for the round, lncluding starry_night and rua1412. Congratulations to all the worthy winners this round!
I'm very happy this icon won Best in Show because I have rarely worked harder or longer on an icon to get the image clear and keep the frame around it - sometimes trying to make an icon out of a banner can be a bit of a nightmare.

ETA: Many many thanks to the truly generous velvetwhip for being my beta-Muse when I made this icon and the entire set - for not letting me give up and giving me motivation to keep going, for eyeballing my work, offering feedback and truly constructive critiicism. Every artist should be so fortunate.
- (Anonymous)
I am happy for everyone... including you! I love that icon and am thrilled to see it recognized! Bravissima!

I had meant to thank you in the post - again - for all your help on this project Gabrielle and forgot to last night; that has been well and truly corrected.

I literally could not have done it without you.

I am happy for everyone.

I think I've snagged more icons from round 8 from other people than any other round!