Buffy Casablanca Poster poppy wreath  RS

Another tiebreaker vote? Yes, yes indeed.

Please cast your vote and break a tie for Most Creative icon in slayerstillness Challenge 42, "Out of Character."  Only two wonderful artworks you need to choose from this time, thank goodness.

Not five like the last round of SS, or at the current round of btvsats20in20. The latter is open until April 16th, and thank you so much to everyone who already cast their votes! So many beautiful things to choose from.

(I had meant to post more Wiffy art here but it was a choice between "rock the vote" and add art plus lengthy prose, let sit in draft status for 3 days...." I gotta get faster at this stuff.)
Hurrah, and thank you!

(Sometimes I wonder if it isn't possible to just have an art gallery, in addition to icontests so we can enjoy? Sans the cheap crackers, lousy wine and cheese and wilted grapes of course....)